For those who are falling...

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Now you might be wondering why this topic is named what it is. Understand this, a good percent of those who watch manga or read anime, are those who's hearts are in pain. Life as they know it seems more painful than normal. So they revert to a place where no one can judge, hurt, or see such a pained face. Somewhere where they can always act like themselves. Why? Because they think no one understands. No one will ever understand. But, for some other people here, they don't watch manga or read anime to escape. They just love anime and manga because its amazing. But some are angry. Some are sad. Some have things going on in their lives that they cant escape from and soon enough, they feel empty. Here, I have read things that upset me. Its not just on this site, its everywhere. There are people here who might need someone, even if it is just for a quick chat. I'm here to listen if you want me to. Just for those who feel they just might lose themselves somewhere along the way. I don't want that to happen, for someone to feel so alone and isolated that life itself starts to seem painful. We have our reasons, and yes, no one will understand. But its nice to know there will always be someone to talk to. If you need someone, even just to talk to about simple things, Ill be here. All you have to do is send me a message, not here because this is personal, but to my inbox. You could post it here if you wanted to also, if your comfortable with it. I'm right here. At least know that I wont judge, make fun, or not listen to anything you have to say. I've extended my hand into the shadows, ready to grasp those who feel the urge to take it, but its your choice.

By the way, those of you who feel its amusing to make fun of such things like this post, I will not tolerate it. This is a serious problem in our world, on this day, right now. Support those who feel the need to help.

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Impressive topic. And believe it or not, i think I know exactly what you mean.
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We all go through rough patches in life but sometimes we don't really have the people to talk it out with. Its nice of you to take up this initiative :)

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♥♥♥Wonderful topic! I will be revisiting this, I do have some things I want to talk about in my life.

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Thank you all for understanding. Please come back if you just need someone to talk to, that's what I'm here for. :)

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The skeptic in me tells me to do this:

@shadowslight815165 said:

Well let me tell you something. A good percent of those who watch manga or read anime, are those who's hearts are in pain.

I'm sure this statement is supported by legitimate evidence.

I mean not to flame therefore I'll get more to the point: I'm sure your sentiment is appreciated by the community and certain of its members. Thanks.

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We all have pain somewhere in our hearts that we wish we could forget, that we wish was never there. Some have no one to even talk to about any of it. This is a great topic that I hope others will take advantage of, so we can help each other up together instead of tearing each other down. Thank you.

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