Favorite Chakra Release!!

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Kinda like a game, You choose your favorite Chakra Release from Naruto and see how it'll fair against others Favorite Chakra Release. No Dojutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijustu, just Chakra Release but can be Kekkai Genkai.... You can only choose one and use that one for all your posts but how it's used is up to your imagination! Not just how it's been used in the manga but it'll have to be VALID, LOGICAL, & REASONABLE! I'll naturally go first. Exp: Wood Release, Dust Release etc.....

Nature Release: Storm Release, Attack: Laser Circus, Shoot laser like beams and can be controlled so I don't miss even if you dodge.

The next person has to choose a Chakra Release, deal with my attack and lunch his own attack and so on......

Hope it's fun.......

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bad game uh...........! though it would be fun.

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@sceonn: This thread would belong to the Naruto page/forums section, anyways.
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Wouldn't it? I had forgotten about the thread, maybe I should redo it there....

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