Does anyone know any good text-based games?

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If you mean a text-adventure, then the lnfocom library is your best bet. I suggest Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall and Trinity. If you mean something like an old school RPG, then you should look at Dwarf Fortress.

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this thing looks interesting , i should try one of those games.

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You should check out a text based game called aardwolf. It is unlike any other text based game you have ever played. The url is below:

The blog url below will help you understand what to expect when playing aardwolf:

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You might find something here.....

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I heard Ultima IV was the game that changed the face of RPGs. It's available for free when you sign up for GOG.

Frog Fractions may not be a true text based game, but it has text based section. I tried when I heard about it on Giantbomb and it is hilarious. You can find that for free here: Frog Fractions | Twinbeard Studios

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