Do you believe in supernatural?

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So do you believe i supernatural thinghs aliens,gousts,demons and etc.

And do you have any experience with that and do you see something.?

My story: I tell u my story what hapened to me. It was three years ago I my mom and dad and sister we sat in the house it was late at night around 23 pm.It was winter just before the new year, we watched the TV when the power went out,and it's been maybe five minutes when we suddenly heard a terrible crack like thunder as I thought it would crack the windows from shock.

Power came back after 30 minutes we were wondering what it was because it was a terrible shock, after my they went to sleep I stayed a little more watching the film.Then me sleepy and I went to bed, just when I go to bed I heard some people talking outside I looked out the window of my room and I saw three people how they run with flashlights toward the woods. I watched as they entered the forest then suddenly they heard two shots I moved away from the window and I lay in bed wondering what's going on,I was scared because I had no idea what was going on i mean What The Fuck man.I was not sleeping all night wondering what happened.In the morning I told my Parents what I saw and what I heard they were amazed.Later I went outside to see if there are traces of traces but was nowhere then I was very scared.I asked my friends if they heard anything they told me just they heard only strong bang.We searched all day in the woods after the snow fell three days ago, traces would have remained in the snow but we have not found anything.And to this day I do not know what happened to what was causing this bang and who were these people and who they were shooting.I live in the suburbs all they heard the same bang from where it came the bang, what it has caused can not be thunder because it was a clear night.I dont know what it was it was a mystery.

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No. I think ghosts, demons, and any other kind of supernatural thing or occurrence is just hokum.

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Yes I do to an extent.

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Oh course, I have no reason not to. After all, I am not human myself.

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I don't know why aliens are lumped in with the supernatural...

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I also do, but to an extent. I had some experiences as well, but the funniest (and scariest) one was when my folks had to burn Frankincense and Myrrh over the entire house when I came home from school before we moved to somewhere new (too much negative spiritual activity). They told me that there was a spiritual portal that led straight to Hell and they managed to close it before anything bad happened. It was funny to me because it was my parents' bedroom and they were sleeping near it.

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I believe in God, so yes I do believe in supernatural beings.

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Yeah. I'm not particularly religous but you probably wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen and experienced. It might be a reason I'm so into anime/manga given the large supernatural demograph.
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  • I've been in derelict, supposedly haunted houses and the only thing I was afraid of was getting stabbed by a hobo.
  • I've slept in a massive cemetery on a dare and the roughest part of that was that it was really cold outside.
  • My friends got a ouija board and they were supposedly spelling out some crazy, scary stuff but I got bored and fell asleep.
  • I've tried recording white noise and after careful analysis, all I discovered is that my cat cries when she is lonely.
  • I've said "I believe in Bloody Mary" in a pitch black room with a mirror more times than I could count as a child. Depending on who you ask, I am still alive.

If there are ghosts, goblins, angels, and demons out there, they aren't revealing themselves to skeptics.

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Fair enough. I feel the same way. I usually won't believe something unless I've witnessed it or unless there's compelling evidence. As I've said I'm not religous but despite that, some of the things I've experienced clear as day I ordinarily wouldn't mention even to believers. It's kinda out there. I also don't believe a lot I hear but I've abandoned a limit to how crazy things can be for a little while now.
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Lol.... no.

@hitsusatsu11 said:

Yes I do to an extent.

Actually this like perfectly.

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I think 5% of UFOs are real. But they may just be government black projects.

I also think ghosts could be real if humans have some sort of quantum soul.

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I don't have any first hand experiences like others. I don't believe that there are ghosts and demons, but aliens are different. They're pretty much anything that's alive that's not on earth, and I believe that there are way too many planets out there for there to be only one with life. There's probably tons in the Milky Way alone.

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Every galaxy has tens of billions - trillions of stars (possibly more in the larger ones) and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe alone. There are likely more planets than stars. Out of what, sextillions of estimated planets in the observable universe? Only earth has life? Uhh no. I don't think so.
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Aliens - Yes

It's scientifically impossible for them not to exist if you look at it like that.

Ghosts - Yes

There are probably ways for a consciousness to survive without it's body. And since a mind would be in there somewhere, they would branch off into docile spirits and poltergeists based on the personality omoimasu.

And I know souls exist because mine is burning with passion ;D*

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"Speak softly...and ride a BIG YETI"

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