Coolest Sushi Restaurant in the World

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Japan Probe found a video of this super high tech Japanese Sushi restaurant that has more gadgets and gizmos than Inspector Gadget. Now conveyer belt sushi restaurants are high-tech just by themselves, but this one takes the cake. It knows how long each individual sushi is on the belt, and will dispose of it when it gets too old. 

Finished with your plate? All you have to do is insert it in the slot and it will tally your bill and clean the plate. Not only that, but every five plates that you insert into the slot you will get to play a slot machine game and win things. The sushi belt can be adjusted as well to customize the restaurant depending on how busy it happens to be. It can even make it’s own sushi, this is the coolest place in the world! Vice field trip to this place, who’s going?

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Dude, I want some.
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Wow, that is even more high tech than Magurobito in Asakusa that I ate at last time.  The plates had RFID and for totalling they waved a wand over the plates and a receipt came out the mini-printer.  I was so impressed just at that.  

Mmm... maguro ....

We are going out for kaitenzushi when you get back!

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That is too cool for school! :)
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I'll go with
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