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what i love about manga is that it ends while comics goes on and on and on...and theres no closure...if someone dies..they magically pop up somewhere else
what i love about comics is that they never end and they go on and on and on while mangas when they end i seem to cry cause i wanna keep reading it
what i love about manga are characters have their own universes and that leads to better story telling while comics they all are jamm packed in one place and that leads to contradictions
what i love about comics are that characters are all in the same universe and that leads to super duper fun crossovers that actually make sense and there's usually a constant 
anyone else share my paradox
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manga is comic, change topic to Japanese comics vs american comics, but ya i prefer manga
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manga is ok , but i like something with more color , comics are ok.
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I like both :)

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@Destinyheroknight said:

I like both :)

the best of both worlds
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both are great, but I often feel like the storytelling in most American comics leaves a lot to be desired.
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I never could get into comics, I dunno exactly why, but there may be a few different reasons. 
Art: Personal preference, but I just prefer the artwork in a lot of manga.  Not all of them (never been a huge Toriyama fan for instance), but a lot of them I just prefer over the western counterparts.  Men in western comics tend to be supermasculine comparative to Japanese works (some things aside, like Berserk) which is just something that has never appealed to me.   
Storytelling: Hands down, I just prefer the storytelling in the better manga.  There's a lot of cliched manga that has terrible storytelling as well, some of which is probably leagues worse than the western equivalent.   
Concept:  Superman?  I'm sorry, but there's just nothing exciting about a character that can just do EVERYTHING.  It's like when you played a game as a kid and were like "I have laser beams, I beat you!" "Oh yeah? Well I have uh...nuclear bomb arms, so I beat everything!  I win!".   
Closure: Western comics seem to just last forever.  The same can be said for a few manga series (I'll never catch up on One Piece) but most of them do end.  Even ones that are extremely popular like Death Note will come to an end.  This just makes the storytelling that much better to me, because they don't have to keep trying to stretch the series out to milk more money out if.  It's more compelling to me when a series author is like "okay, I told the story I want to tell.  It's done now" instead of "$$$".  Some manga falls prey to this too, but they are few and far between.   
Acceptability: When I was growing up in the US, comics were seen as something REALLY geeky or nerdy.  Like, they were several levels more geeky than kids who played video games (Better than D&D players though).  While I had nothing against people who did read comics, it did drive me away from ever reading any comics or playing things like D&D myself.  I, like almost every kid ever, was just too worried about my image.  However, here in Japan, manga is pretty much a totally normal thing to read.  Sure, there are the obsessed otaku who are frowned upon as much as they would be in America, but just reading manga on the train is the most normal thing in the world.   So it's nothing for me to pick up a copy of something at the local konbini and read it on my commute, and I don't have to worry about the image it projects.
So short answer: I prefer manga.
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I like both but I don't read comics that much.   I love the coloring on american comics.  Really, just the existence of color as a standard.  Everytime I see hq fan colorings that look like the anime or are colored like American comics, I always wise the real thing was that way.
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Both, though I wish manga would include color in their art; however, manga has better art than comics, in my opinion.
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im starting to hate both manga and comics 
once gantz, berserk, and claymore are done idk where i can turn
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@n7_normandy said:
" both are great, but I often feel like the storytelling in most American comics leaves a lot to be desired. "
 @Agent9149: And I agree with your paradox.
I like the art of both, but I prefer manga. The deciding factor is the the stories. American comics tend to be less original.
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why do american comics tend to be less original??  and why aren't  american comic stories  good?
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Here is my stand on it. 
I hate manga, but love anime. 
I love comics, but hate animated shows. 
I love watching DBZ, but I hate reading the manga. 
I love reading Batman, but I hate watching the animated series. 
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Why do you hate reading manga?
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@Destinyheroknight said:

" @TheLegendaryOne:  Why do you hate reading manga? "

It bores me. Like, take DBZ for example. Reading Goku transform to Super Saiyan is much more boring than watching him transform to a Super Saiyan. 
The color and animation really grab me rather than manga. Manga is in boring black and white. I hate that. Plus, all of the cool explosions and stuff that happen in anime, it's not as exciting to look at pictures of a nuke going off than actually watching an animation of a nuke going off. 
In short: Anime grabs me with its over-exaggeration. The lighting, explosions, etc. Everything is much more entertaining for me as the viewer than watching a drawn picture of like an explosion or something along those lines.
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Ok, I understand
The reason I like manga is that I can go on the bus and read. Also I just use to reading then watching something on tv 
Thank you for answering my question :) 
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@Addfwyn: I just have two points to address. 
1. Your idea of concept. Superman CANNOT do everything. He has said before that "Even a Superman cannot be everywhere at once." He has a vast array of powers, yes, but his powers are derived from the sun. So, it would be logical that with the power he has from the sun, he can do up to the limit that his powers allow. Superman cannot sneeze a solar system like he once could, nor can he fly back in time, nor can he pull 100 planets effortlessly. The writers work with him and push the character to his limits, but he cannot do everything. Like, all of the times Superman pulled the Earth (which was twice if I recall correctly. One with Hal Jordan, and the other with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter), you see his facial expressions showing that he is struggling and using all of his might to accomplish his tasks. It's like if you are trying to lift a heavy boulder. You will push your body to its limits to accomplish this task, correct? Same thing with Superman. With his power from the sun, he uses his power to push himself to his limits to accomplish his tasks. 
But, if you want to believe he can do everything, how about shows like Death Note and DBZ? If I were to write down the name of a person in my Death Note, they instantly die. No exceptions. It is basically making the character a god. Even DBZ, the power scaling makes them able to bust planets effortlessly. Manga does a lot of over-exaggeration with its powers, making characters seem like gods, when in reality they aren't. Comics show that these characters are not gods. Superman does not see himself as a god, and it has been written down time and time again from Superman's mouth that he does not see himself as a god, and yet when it comes to someone like L, he is basically a god in his universe because just writing a simple name down in his notebook, he can kill someone instantly. Same for Goku. Using the power scaling principle, Goku should be able to destroy solar systems and galaxies, because he can contend with others who have destroyed galaxies. If that is not the idea of "I can do everything", then I do not know what is. 
2. The problem with comics continuing and manga stopping. This one will be short, because it is an easy answer. Comics are written by multiple people. Manga are not. If Akira Toriyama were to pass DBZ onto another writer now, and he came up with a brand new saga for the show, the manga would continue, and say he passed it on again, that new writer would implement his own ideas. Are you understanding me? Comics are just different writers implementing their own ideas into stories. I am sure if one writer wrote Batman, he would stop eventually. I doubt that for the 70+ years Batman has been in existence, if only one writer was doing Batman, he could come up with enough ideas for 70+ years worth of storytelling.
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What is the MAIN thing I HATE about anime/manga? The way women are portrayed. Yeah, let's make the world even MORE perverted. Gigantic boobs flopping around. Sexual poses. This is really what the world needs. 
Now, I am not saying I don't like it...... :P , but honestly, let's face facts here. A lot of the people who read manga are your average geeks and nerds. They aren't the high school jocks who get all the chicks. They aren't part of the "popular crowd". In manga, the lowly loser is portrayed as just that, a loser, and yet somehow he gets the hottest chick in school to fall for him. Now, really, don't you think that would affect the reader's self-esteem? The reader can associate with the character up until that point the character scores the hottest chick in school. Where is the realism there? In actual society, Women don't go running at you, boobs flopping over everywhere, and squeeze their boobs into your face. It doesn't work like that. Sure, men would like that... :P , but in actuality that stuff doesn't happen. I really hate stuff like that. All of the harem anime where one lousy loser is surrounded by 10 beautiful women who ALL want him, I hate that. There is no realism there. 
That is my main problem with anime/manga. Hence why I prefer DBZ to pretty much anything out there. It's all action and explosions and blowing stuff up, not one lousy loser who lands the hottest chick in school because he picked up her pencil and gave it to her and now she loves him for eternity for doing that. Even though the girl used to call him names and used to hate the guy, and he is the biggest loser in the entire school, that one act of picking up her pencil now made her fall head over heels for him. Stuff like that doesn't work in reality.    
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Wow, that really hurt me.
1. Not all anime/manga are like that. Look at Slayers, Baccano!, and Samurai Champloo just to name a few
2. I'm a nerd, who use to play football for my high school
3. I have a girlfriend 
4. I like harem anime because it make me laugh
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1.  Superman was just an example, but it still seems a lot like the idea of 'let's get every power we can think of and throw it together'.  Sure he can't travel through time, but he's super-strong, he can fly, he's super fast, he has laser eyes, etc. etc.  As I said before, it's like some elementary school kids playing superheros, they just keep adding powers til their character is godlike.   Obviously not every comicbook superhero is as ridiculous as this, as far as I know.  Some actually come pretty close to what I'd call decent levels of power (I believe there's a comic called X-Men, where characters generally each have one power?).  The concept there is actually quite good I find, though the implementation may not actually be the best.
The comparison to L falls a bit flat.  Yes, he has a god-complex, that's the entire point of his character, but he is not omnipotent.  He has the sole power to be able to kill somebody by writing their name, but only if he knows their true name and face.  A large portion of the series is about him struggling within the confines of that power, as well as trying to make sure nobody figures out who he is at the same time (Speaking of, how is it that a leotard suddenly makes comicbook superheros unrecognizable?  That goes for mahou shoujo manga too, not just comics).   Should somebody discover who he is, it'd be trivial for him to be taken out, as he is an ordinary boy except for his powers of the death note.  
DBZ I'd agree with you on, I think that's why I never liked DBZ, it has a lot of the same problems that I listed for western comics.  There are manga that fall much more closely (whether it be art or plot style to western comics) but those are precisely the type of manga i don't like.  Not saying that I think all manga are inherently more enjoyable to me than comics.   
2.  I understand WHY it happens, I just don't necessarily think it is a good idea.  Having one solid plot-line tends to be a lot more impactful than trying to keep the characters alive for too long because there is a fanbase there.  I think it's why I don't like a lot of the long-running manga either (Naruto, DBZ, etc.).  I'd rather see the creator of the character/plot finish his work and move on, rather than trying to keep something alive for too long.  So many great novel series were ruined because of somebody trying to continue it past the original author (Looking at you Dune).  No matter how sad I am when a series I love is over, I can't deny that the impact wouldn't be the same if it kept going and going and going.  Hell, one of my favourite series is only a couple volumes long and the impact the author manages to contain within it are huge.
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