[COMIC] Kat Out of the Bag, or, Reward

Topic started by lanaswift on May 14, 2009. Last post by lanaswift 5 years, 10 months ago.
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Been pretty busy lately. Have a comic strip.

You probably didn't pick it up in previous strips because I don't think I remembered to write it in, but "Kat Out of the Bag" is the name of Kat's studio. Well, she calls it a studio, but it's really just her business for graphic design and whatever else she feels like doing on the side. 

This is definitely the toughest of the strips I've done so far-- I've reworked it several times. (It's changed a LOT from its original version.) It was really tough to make it funny on its own, while still conveying what I wanted to about the character. I wouldn't be surprised if the eventual "final" version is still different, because while I think this strip is funny and it also gets Kat's character across decently, the pacing is way off...the punchline is basically in panel three. I think it could be stronger, but I don't want to stall myself trying to make every strip 100% perfect. I know me, and if I try for that, I'll never actually do anything.

I also kind of wanted to put some kind of smarmy bumper sticker or goofy fangirl thing on their car (which is the one you can see through the window, of course), but it was too small to do anything that would really be noticeable. 
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hehe I chuckled a bit. Maybe it's because I've heard lots of stories coming from Artist Alleys around cons before.
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"No Less Than $50, Cash"

I would say we should put that on t-shirts for artist-alley types, but it would be so quickly misinterpreted...
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One minor criticism: In the third panel, Kat seems to look more annoyed than angry. The arms seem to melt into the chair. Maybe if you drew her slamming on the table or reaching across in the direction of the hapless commissioner, it would add a little more oomph to the scene. Otherwise, the punchline is kinda funny.
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If I see furry Wolfwood x Vash out there I blame you no matter what.
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@RocketBomber Yeah, that's "soliciting sex," remember?

@DocHaus Hmm...I think she IS more annoyed than angry, really, but I'll keep that in mind.

@Sigue Oh, you should. You certainly should.
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