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So, I usually have CNN on in the background when I'm working early in the day (later, it's reruns...House, NCIS, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, etc). Today they had a piece on fathers in Japan who work such long hours that they never get to see their kids because the kids are always asleep when the dads get home...and when they wake up in the morning too. It was really sad.

They also had a press conference with a guy regarding the Blagojevich impeachment committee (who will determine whether or not he should be impeached), and his phone went off in the middle of it. Heh.
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That's why I get up early, let the wife sleep in, and play with my girls for a couple hours.  When I get home at night usually the baby is asleep already and the 2 year old is only up for another hour.
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Well, but this guy was waking up at like 4 to take the train to work and get there by like 6 or something crazy like that. @_@
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Wow thats hella early. 0.0
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o_o FOUR?! I've had to waken up at 5 to get to school by 6 but damn! and then gets out so late that the kids are already in bed?! X_x Poor guys, and poor kids and wife, damn poor family v.v
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Waking up at 4 for me means being in a zombie state for the rest of the day. Anyway, sad for those guys.
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My (very non-Japanese) Dad did the same for years.  But I got to see him on weekends. 

Actually, one of his co-workers who worked the same long hours and lived even farther away used to stay at our house some weeknights.  Mom agreed to letting him stay, but then forgot about it because she never actually saw him.  A couple of months later she wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a random guy asleep on the couch.  It scared her to death. 
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6 days a week, my stepdad goes to work at 3 pm, gets home at 3-5 am, and then sleeps until 3 am. Rinse and repeat.
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