Characters You Consider "Mary Sues"?

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For those who haven't heard of the following term, a Mary Sue is a word often used to critique a character in a piece of fiction who, to put simply, is TOO perfect.

What do I mean? Well lets take One Piece for example. Imagine if Oda introduced a character who's Devil Fruit ability was being a water Logia. This non-existent character would be SUCH an Achilles Heel to over half the OP cast because a majority of Devil Fruit users have a standard weakness where if half of their body is submerged in water, they cannot move. Now also imagine if this character was some how immune to Haki (for those who don't know, there is a certain ability called Haki which has two variations: one that can instantly KO fodder enemies by realising a wave of energy, and another in which you can imbue your hands/legs or weapons to enhance attacks; so much so that you can even harm characters who possess elemental intangiblity (A.K.A. Logias)). So I ask again, can you imagine if this character was immune to that? Pretty friggin' cheap huh? What if I also said this character had Batman level intellect? Aaaaand just for the heck lets just say this character managed to defeat Luffy, Zoro AND Sanji at the same time... with one hand... while blindfolded.

THAT is a Mary Sue. Now granted, there are some who are still afflicted with this case but not as much as someone similar to the character stated above. For example, Mikasa Ackerman (from Attack On Titan) is insanly skilled and can easily kill off enemies without so much as neither a sweat or scratch. HOWEVER, she has a weakness of being completely devoted to the main protagonist: Eren Jaeger, and, quite honestly, aside from her skill she presents no ground breaking abilities or ones that are just too good for the story to remain interesting (like, she can shoot lasers that kill Titans in one hit and can't regenerate from it).

Anyways getting back the main purpose of this thread, I ask: do you know any characters you consider to be Mary Sues? If so, why?

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@DBZ_universe: Ahhh, Nazo. The perfect personification of everything wrong with Sonic OCs, yet somehow he manages to be not total garbage (probably becsuse he's a villian instead of a hero, also don't get me wrong, he's not exactly a good character, but he could've been A LOT worse).

Also, not gonna lie, I friggin' loved Nazo Unleashed back then; even if it basically was just DBZ with Sonic characters. Lol

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@Stingerrain: So is Nazo fan made?

I am not gonna lie too, he does look cool.

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@DBZ_universe: Yup. He's from a popular (or rather, it used to be) flash animation called Nazo Unleashed.

Also apperantly his design was actually taken from a rejected Sonic X character. Literally the only thing original about his appereance is his shoes.

As for the chatacter himself ... well he basically has the backstory of Buu, the personality of Cell and the power level of SSJ3 Broly (fitting seeing how that also doesn't exist, lmao).

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@Stingerrain: Lol the dude is OP then.

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Aizen from before he turned into the Hogyoku monster thing

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Medaka cause she is Medaka...

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Asuna is one. She can cook and fight.

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Fan made characters, pretty much anyone who can destroy galaxies and above like they're nothing.

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Let's see:

-Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED) and Relena Peacecraft (Gundam Wing)- Both gals function as advocators of peace between the opposing factions in their titles and become love interests to the male leads of their titles (Heero for Relena and Lacus for Kira). However beyond their strong personalities and idealized beliefs, both their titles depict their beliefs and characters to have no flaws to them, making them pretty stale as characters.

-Belldandy (Oh My Goddess)- The idealized attractive lead of OMG with a friendly and supportive personality who also happens to be one of the strongest goddesses among her kind. One of the major reasons why I couldn't stand the OMG franchise as a whole.

-Miho Azuki (Bakuman)- Mashiro's crush whose only role for the most part is serving as his "goal" after becoming a successful mangaka and the girl fully encourages him to go the long route despite any possible obstacles that could have just as easily hindered his developments as a mangaka or wrecked their relationship. One of the major issues I've had with the Bakuman franchise as a whole.

-Many of the major female characters from Kanon, Air and Clannad- This might ruffle some feathers for those who are fans of these titles. But with exception to some cases, many of the major female characters that the male leads of these titles help out are portrayed to either be weak-willed and helpless needing the male lead's help to overcome their problem and give them a confidence boost of some sort, and/ or are portrayed to be sickeningly sweet and cute just to pander to their title's fanbase.

-Shinobu Maehara (Love Hina)- Her only role for the most part in Love Hina is serving as the "cute teen girl with a crush" archetype towards Keitaro whenever the Hinata Inn residents aren't pummeling him half to death for perceived perversion.

-Sousuke Aizen (Bleach)- Prior to receiving Hougyoku, he was portrayed to be ridiculously powerful and overprepared to the point where it bordered on ridiculous, the most notable case of this coming from his fight with Yamamoto.

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Yhwach, I know he's not in any anime adaptation but he's like the second coming of Aizen, totally broken, and so far shown to be capable of taking on every captain class member of the Gotei 13 with ease. He's had one minor hiccup but the similarities between him and aizen pre-hougyouku transformation are uncanny

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Aomine from Kuroko no Basket

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Ichigo, he is like every race in Bleach combined.

Natsu, nakama power nuff said.


Most fan made characters who are the main characters are usually based off the writer and have so much power, hax, and plot shielding.

PIS in general.

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As much as I love Gurren Lagann, Nia before the time-jump.

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Heh, that's so true.


Really? I never saw Nia that way. Her cooking is terrible. I guess my definition of Mary Sue is a woman (Gary Stu - Guy) who is perfect, powerful, and popular, but I guess I'm wrong.

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I actually consider Kirito from SAO to be a Mary Sue, since it seems like EVERY female on the show has to fall in love with him, even his "sister." Plus, other than a few fights with high level monsters, he has never seemed to fight anyone on his skill level, even when he started a brand new game. Plus, I personally do not consider him to be an engaging character, since he shows no emotion besides sadness, anger, or general smugness.

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@takashichea: I didn't recognize you at all with the avatar change XD

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You are catching up on Kuroko's Basketball. I haven't had anyone in the discussion. Feel free to comment.

On topic:

I can't think of any Mary Sue, but I just going with Moka from Rosario Vampire.

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@takashichea: Well she was bad at cooking, but in every other aspect she was perfect

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