CCI 09: Halo Legends panel (the Halo anime)

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Woot. Halo! Halo Legends! Just in case you haven’t heard yet, Halo Legends is a film compilation of Seven animated shorts based on Halo lore.

Some people you may know who are involved:  
Studio4 C 
Production I.G. 
Toei Animation 
Casio Entertainment

Impression post trailer: You know, this doesn’t look at all bad. While its impossible to think of this without directly referencing the Animatrix and Gotham Knights, there is a realm of possibility here.

In the Matrix, anything was possible, and very little of their lore was “defined.” On the other hand, Batman has a rich tradition built on decades upon decades of defined form. Halo seems like it will be more like the Matrix, in that it will be able to broach subjects that help evolve a series, instead of interpret it an un-revolutionary manner (ala Gotham Knights) 

Halo Waypoint: Home to all Halo things and operated via the 360, Halo Waypoint will also be your first opportunity to see it prior to the DVD.

OOPS! Someone forgot the translator! They’re introducing reps from Casio, Studio fourC, and the president of production I.G. and NO ONE is translating their twenty second anecdotes. Like, it seems like they are saying something of value because the other Japanese guests are laughing at acknowledging each other.

Facts that came about from the Q&A 

The Line that made me cry: Production I.G.’s CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa: “When people think of Production I.G. in the West, I think they’ll soon know us as the studio who made Halo Legends.” 
Toei’s contribution is apparently the only non-canonical one. Focused on “Levity,” take that as you will. 
55% of the questions were about ODST, Reach, the Halo Movie, or something even… even… less appropriate to this panel. 
Not only will the series involve additional Spartans, one of them is a female. This character is taken out of the novels. In fact, Master Chief will only play a key role in one of the shorts, or so they insinuate. 
Casting is not yet complete, and no announcement about attempts to localize beyond subtitles. 
Curious? Spike TV is supposed to air the trailer we saw at some point today or tomorrow.

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 My pants have been on fire for two hours now! Om nom nom nom nom nom nom.
I can't wait, bringing so much I love together and to so many audiences (both Halo to anime fans, and anime to Halo fans).
 I expect the obvious turn your noses up from the ...foolish on both sides of course.
But we'll be too busy watching and enjoying. *raises glass to all*
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YAAAAAYYY!!!! Please let it be Linda please let it be Linda! If she's portrayed in the anime anything at all like how she was in the novels she's gonna give Yoko a run for her money and be about as badass as Shiki!
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 Pfft, Kelly > Linda! Kelly could kick Linda's ass into next week! And arrive there before Linda did!
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@HeeroYuy: She wore a red suit and had shoulder cropped blondish hair. I might be wrong on the color, it was pretty fast and 500 miles away.
Does that help narrow it down?
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Hmm. Kelly's hair is meant to brown (once she stopped dying it blue).
Linda's is *checks* red apparently.
 So it could be either (Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly :D). 
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well I look forward to it.
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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. First Halo brings the idiotic casual horde to video games, now it wants to do the same to anime? Fuck. That.
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Name says plenty. Trailer is up btw. 
The TOEI one is a non-canon pisstake btw. 
And that makes me want to watch it more :D.
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