Can Pre-Crisis Superman create his own powers?

Topic started by BloodSprinkles on April 7, 2014. Last post by taichokage 10 months, 4 weeks ago.
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I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, or if questions like this are even allowed on this website, but I was curious.

I heard from somewhere that Pre-Crisis Superman could, at some point, create his own powers on demand?

Could he actually do this? I'm not sure.

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@BloodSprinkles: Writers from the Pre-Crisis era of DC Comics were notorious for having Superman pull random abilities out his ass whenever the plot required it. Thankfully, modern tellings of the Man of Steel aren't that ridiculous with the scope of his abilities.

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People who frequent battle forums tend to get a one sided view of pre crisis DC comics, (as opposed to those that read a lot of said comics) In the pre crisis world plot driven inconsistencies reign supreme. In one issue superman might sneeze out a star and in the next he might be felled by a judo throw from a martial artist.

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Exactly. The inconsistencies are immense. A lot of older characters have that problem. I think it's due to a lack of demand of scientific and even logical consistency that audiences seem to demand more these days. Hulk as another example. In one of his earliest issues he co-collapsed what was said to be a universe. This same Hulk could be fazed by the likes of Spiderman. That being said it wasn't Superman creating new abilities per say, it's more the authors taking an easy way out and giving him abilities he simply "hadn't shown" before.
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