Can human teeth really penetrate flesh?

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I've often come across anime titles where a normal person bites hard enough either to cause someone to bleed or threaten to do so to kill themselves. Some examples:
-Naruto characters bite hard enough on their thumbs to bleed so they have blood for summonings.
-A scene in Saikano where Chise gets upset enough at Shuji to bite into his arm and cause him to bleed.
-Some characters in anime threaten to bite their tongues to commit suicide.
Is there any actual truth that human teeth can cause enough penetration in a bite to cause bleeding?
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That is something I've always pondered but never really wanted to test out....
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Of course, biting may not have been the primary means of defense for our ancestors, but it is effective none the less. In any fight that someone gets desperate, a natural response is to bite the opponent, which often breaks the flesh. All primates use their mouths as weapons, Human's are (were) no exception.
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I doubt it. Humans are natural plant eaters. Our teeth, stomach acid, and organs are more similar to a plant-eaters as well. Not saying that's it not possible, because it is. Our jaw muscles are capable, but human teeth alone are not.
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of-course you have  seen  cannibals?My mate told me a story about this huge guy that  was going to batter him so he but on to his left leg and did not let got ill the police appeared lol
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Uh, yes of course.
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They most certainly can. 
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Whenever you grind up meat in your mouth, especially something thick like a steak, you're penetrating flesh.  Cow flesh isn't any less resistant than human flesh.
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sickVisionz speaks in 100% trufax.
even if you're biting another person, all you're doing is chomping squirming, living flesh-- do it hard enough, and you can draw blood. same thing with biting your tongue off. you probably wouldn't do it intentionally because of the pain, but it's entirely possible nonetheless.
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You can penetrate flesh with your teeth. It may not be as effective as a carnivore's bite but we can pierce flesh. But if you bite something living the real danger isn't the bite itself but the saliva. The bite is meant to create an opening, the saliva carries microbes that can really really make the victim sick. Did you know that if someone comes to a hospital with a dog bite all the doctors have to do is clean the wound? But if you come in a hospital with a human bite mark then you need the wound cleaned, several antibiotic shots, and possibly stay in the hospital for a couple of days.
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@OmegaMekix: you do know that human mouth is 2-3 times dirtier that a dogs....
supposedly it had to do with something in the saliva 
and for the question, it depends how sharp your canines(e.g fangs) is
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If you bite someone is a fight you are a pussy    cat, no wait that wasn't a question,,
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Online Now
Yes they can Evander Holyfield can vouch for it.
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I think this is a foolish question.....
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Of course they can! The victim can also have a serious infection when the wound's untreated.
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@TheManipulater said:
"I think this is a foolish question..... "

I would have to agree with that. I could easily bite a hole in myself, I know is because I like to occasionally bite down, I just never attempt to actually tear through my flesh.  
Sure some places I would imagine would be more tricky to get a good grib with your teeth, but you should easily bite right through the skin. 
I certainly liked the example used by other posters in thread involving eating meat or primates biting. Either way I'm not seeing how this is much of a question.
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Duh. I've actually chewed out an infected area of my own flesh at one point because the wart therapy wasn't working and they wouldn't do surgery.
Then there's the fact that many epileptics die by biting their own tongue off, and don't get me started on how many times toddler teeth have drawn blood when I've been looking after them.
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Yes, I got really drunk blacked out and bit a friend, he has a huge scar of teethmarks on his shoulder to this day over 10 years later, I'm not proud I know the answer to this question that way, but hey I was 15 and not exactly a learned drinker yet.
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