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Topic started by gia on Dec. 13, 2008. Last post by DarkShaper 6 years, 2 months ago.
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I've been running around all day getting ready for a holiday party I'm throwing. I panicked, I rushed, I put food in the oven, and...oh look! I forgot that my microwave's clock isn't changed for daylight savings time yet. It's not 6:12, it's only 5:12! Now I'm going to have to keep the damn pork loin warm for at least a half hour. X.x;;

But it should be good fun anyway. It better be, actually, considering how much I spent on food and drinks @_@; What are you guys doing for the holidays?
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Tomorrow i`m doing the same as you XD
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Christmas will be at our house. We're decorating our house tomorrow because we don't really have that many Christmas decoration out yet.

Usually, Christmas parties with the family involve all the aunts and uncles mingling in one part of the house while all the cousins are in the living room playing Rock Band or some other party game.
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I have to hide the valuables.  I have Ethan coming over tomorrow.  His family's coming over too so they'll help keep an eye on him.
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Well for me, I'm having a Christmas Eve party and then on Christmas Day I'm just spending time with family. The usual I s'pose...
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going home to hometown in a few days. will spend xmas day in my brothers
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I'm going on a cruise with my extended family...
Post by DarkShaper (76 posts) See mini bio Level 5
Me and my family just go to a Movie on Christmas day. 
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