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For those of you that saw or heard, Toonami came back for one night on April 1,2012 during Adult Swim where old classic anime was run as well as Steve Blum doing a review of Mass Effect 3. Needless to say, those of us that were around in the 90s and early part of the 21st century remember staying up late to see it and enjoy the violent titles. It started with Space Ghost hosting it then to the robot Tom then we got it every weekday before it moved back to Saturday and it was so amazing before they canceled it. Now, there is a chance for it to come back.

Yesterday, Adult Swim posted on Twitter "Want if back? Let us know. #BringBackToonami." Twitter has been abuzz for the last few hours with numerous tweets about how it would make us happy and to bring back classic anime like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, etc. Even the voice of Tom Steve Blum himself seems in support of this based on his posts on his own Twitter account. If you want Toonami to come back, it may be wise to make your voice heard. Sure, this mght be nothing but it could be something amazing if enough voices are heard and people pay attention. Give it a try. Don't be shy.

Adult Swim's Twitter Page-!/adultswim

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Man, I missed the show on April 1st. I didn't know that Adult Swim did it. I was too tired from the festival on that day, and I got two midterms following the spring break. I'll gladly support it because the shows I get on Fios are not that interesting except for Korra (the sequel to Avatar The Last Airbender), DC Nation's Young Justice, and most of TBS and FX shows.

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I wish them the best of luck.

If Toonami is meant to be a block for children with Dragon Ball and things aimed at that 12-year old and younger market, I think it could succeed again with smart show selection and a mix of anime and american cartoons. If they're talking about Toonami as in Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, and series that are aimed at an older crowd, I don't think it will do that well.

Times have changed and I think anime as a product isn't suited for how it currently is televised or was in the past. Lets say they start airing High School of the Dead. What happens when someone loves the show and says, "I'm going to go online and do a search for it?" They're going to be immediately hit with a ton of links to places where they can watch the series in it's entirety. Some of the links will be legal, some will be free, and some will be HD. Some will be on services built in to DVD/BD players and television. Why would they wait next week for the TV broadcast to see what happens in the cliffhanger when they can watch the whole thing right then and there?

I think that's the major problem with anime on TV. Unless you're somehow simulcasting on a TV network or you're aiming at kids who won't think to goto any website other than the one you advertise to get info about the series, you're airing a product that will lose viewers as they get more and more into a series because there are legal and illegal options to consume it in its entirety without watching your broadcast.

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Toonami is gone, let it rest in peace

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I commented on this over on ANN's forums when they brought up news that Cartoon Network was deliberating on bringing back Toonami. Unless they bring it back as a legal streaming site much like Toonami Jetstream used to be, the whole idea would be a waste of time, money and resources since anime isn't as popular as it was during the boom of the early 2000s, nostalgia will only carry the block for so long and many folks now rely on streaming to get their fix of anime if they're looking to get it for free or very cheap which they can get whenever they want instead of having to wait for whichever timeslot Cartoon Network inserts a title into.
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@Dream: Agreeing with you on this matter, since nostalgia happens to have a limited affect on most people. They'll someday have to add something new to their lineup, but chances are, the added series in question might end up being a very good fit to Toonami. Do you think that's a likely situation, Dream, or would adding a new series only hurt Toonami on the long run?

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@Bigheart711: It would hurt them in the long run in my opinion. Even if they pick up a title that would interest fans, many would just try to find a means of getting it from online and that would cause their viewership to drop quickly. Not meaning to be cynical to those hopping on the bandwagon for the block's revival, but times have changed since 10 years ago. Broadband Internet access is more widely available and it makes it all the more tempting to go online to watch an anime title whenever you want instead of waiting on the next episode in a weekly TV timeslot.
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@Dream: Can't argue with you on that one. Nowadays, more people would watch a series online rather than watching the televised version and supporting the channel that provides it. This affects all types of shows, not just Anime in general. :(

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Its crazy how CN isn't doing anything to support anime in a well organized way so that new audiences can watch them. They should bring back Toonami.

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I do see there is a need on Cartoon Network for a block of "light action/comedy". Bring back Toonami and expand Adult Swim.

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From Crunchyroll

Cartoonnetwork needs a change.

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@sickVisionz: I agree with most of what you said, heck, all of it.

It has become too easy to find these shows on the internet for free, or if you're interested in the legal route, most shows are available for reasonable prices on DVD or Blu Ray. For nostalgia's sake, I would love to see Toonami come back, though reading your post, I realized the realities of the situation, it's a gamble on whether it would succeed, plus they would have to secure those rights again, which might not be worth it for them in the long run.

If nothing else has come of this, it haspiqued my interest in anime again.

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