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Topic started by Hawk on Dec. 6, 2008. Last post by Lan 6 years, 3 months ago.
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Awesome! 42 is on my short list of ideas for tattoos.
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HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Get yourself some Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman young one. Discworld novels and American Gods, please.
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If you're looking for thrillers, James Patterson and Dan Brown are very good. Specifically, I would recommend Deception Point and The Jester. Also R.A. Salvatore writes some amazing fantasy series if that's more along the lines of what you're looking for.
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Good lists people.....

Knil....Dan Brown is the shit. Angels and Demons is my fav.

BTW....Anita Blake.....Eh. Jewel said I would like it, but it's a boring read so far. I think it's the writing style and not the subject.
Read was ok........a little teen for my tastes.
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How about that Terry Pretchett?
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Hey Guys, Watchmen. Most intricate and brilliant graphic novel ever made. Do it.
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Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman, and did I mention Neil Gaiman? Anansi Boys is my favorite; it's features one of the characters from American Gods. It's very quirky, hilarious, and fun! Much lighter than American Gods--which was also amazing! Laughing Corpse was boring for 3/4 of the book. Once Anita solves the case and starts kicking zombie ass, things get good. I'm shamfeully reading Laurell K. Hamilton's  newest book A Lick of Frost; let's just say it's not the plot that  keeps my interest. ;) I'm also in the middle of Lady Macbeth--a novel about the historical Scottish queen and wife of Macbeth; the couple featured in Shakespeare's play. Mind you it's not a retelling of the play's events.
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