Best JRock Singer(s)/ Bands

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I will have to say

Gackt,his music is absolutly and i am not stretching the word BEAUTIFUL. He mixes old music with modern an its just freaking awesome. He is a absolute genius when it comes to his music, the emotion behind each lyric brings tears to your eyes in many of his songs.

Mai Yamaumi(Sp). Her works in the Cowboy Bebop music is also the best I have heard in ANY anime. I can listen to her for hours.


X-Japan-These guys have been going strong since 1982 and even with a 11 year gap between 1997-2007 they are still AWESOME. Even without Hide they still make you shiver with HOLY CRAPness. Their music is TOP notch in the music industry of JRock

Dir En Grey-What can I say about these guys that hasnt already been stated, their freaking awesome. Their lyrics are only part of what makes them one of the top in choices of JRock. Their music is scary to some an down right disturbing if you read their lyrics an watch...lets face it all of their videos. Almost all their videos are banned in the US for one reason they dont hold back. These guys were the first to cross the bilingual barrier and still have HUGE amount of fanbase in both the US and Japan.Kyo is hands down one of the most creepy and brilliant men to come out of Jrock music. (Besides Gackt

Gazette-I am fairly new to these guys but all i can say is they are what Punk and Rock shoud be. Mixing a bit of rap,punk and metal(they call it rock but its f@#king metal) into one smooth tone of music is awesome. Yeah Ruki cant speak great english and he tries to encorperate english into his songs and it just sounds silly but he is awesome.
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bugger thank u
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