Australia Bans Small Breasts as “Child Pornography”

Topic started by crusader8463 on Jan. 27, 2010. Last post by crusader8463 5 years ago.
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I created this topic over at giant bomb first, but i think this ruling might have more of an impact on the Anime community, so i thought i would share it here as well.
I just read in an article over here that it is now illegal in Australia to show naked pictures of women with small breasts, as it promotes pedophilia. This new law apparently goes so far as that women with small breasts who take pictures of themselves naked, can be charged with making child pornography. 
How do you guys feel about this, and how do you think it will affect the Anime and Manga industry?
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That's F'ing bananas.  I still don't understand how woman over the legal age with small breasts is still considered child pornography.  I just makes me want to do one big /facepalm towards the Australian government.  I'm not saying that their government sucks, it just surprises me with all the stuff they do there.
If there are any Australians on this website, I would love to hear what you think of this issue.
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Could you imagine the meeting where they discussed this.
"My daughter's thinking of becoming a porno actress what should I do?"
"Does she have small breast?"
"Why yes, yes she does."
"Then let's make a law claiming small breast influences child pornography."
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I liked your discussion much better, "Chalk that up as another victory for justice!", I laughed when I read that part. 
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a man finally films a cryptozoological first! a giant Megalania attacks a Genyornis near the stream next to his camp site, but he couldn't show the film to the world because his flat-chested girlfriend who didn't had time to grab her top was in the picture. and this is because he`s afraid he might be sued as a paedophile.
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Wow, that is kind of crazy. Like, wow... Sorry A cupped women.
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More reasons for flat chested woman to have self confidence issues
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I find this quite hilarious, I honestly can't take this seriously.
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One of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
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This is like saying a fat man can't go out in public without a shirt. It's really ludicrous and I really don't see why Australia has to get all butt-hurt about every little thing that is deemed "inappropriate". What are they gonna do now? Ban sex?
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@crusader8463: Thanks for bringing this up for us, I hadn't heard it prior. Wrote up an article covering this, the female ejaculation ban, and how this will roll downhill to websites, hentai, displays of such thing.
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@John_Martone: No problem, to be honest I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up in more places. All the sources seem legit enough, and it sounds to me like it would be pretty big news.
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