Anyone want to play an Assasin Game?

Topic started by PiFace314 on Feb. 14, 2011. Last post by Kuma_From_Argentina 4 years ago.
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Well, I was thinking with the amount of users here, some of you might be interested in a little something called an Assassin Game. If you have ever played Mafia, it's very similar to that. If you haven't played Mafia before, well, let me explain the rules.
There's a group of people (varies depending on each game). The majority of them are villagers, the good guys. The minority are the mafia, the bad guys. Each round of the game is split into days and nights. During each day, the villagers must try to figure out who the mafia are, lynching (perma-killing) whoever they suspect. At night, the mafia kill off one person. The game ends either when the mafia are equal to or more than the number of villagers, or the villagers kill all the mafia.
Assassin Games are like mafia, except more in-depth and more complex. They can be based off almost any universe, and often involve multiple factions, varying abilities, and plenty of other surprises raining down on you while you try and figure everything out.
Still, I want to know if people here would be interested in playing. Please forgive me if this is the wrong section~
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i would give it a go.
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We played a dragon ball themed one in the Rp section
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