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Topic started by takashichea on May 14, 2014. Last post by Guyver 8 months, 2 weeks ago.
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The reason I'm doing this because I was looking at the image quality of the photos I took. Most of the time, turning on flash will increase the quality tenfold. If I don't turn it on, the pictures will turn out blurry. The downside of using flash is that it uses too much of the battery's life and sometimes, the flash reflects and makes glare in the photo.

I have to work part time at the family restaurant and get some cash before Anime Expo and invest in a new camera that's energy efficient, cheap (around 100-500 dollars), and produces good quality photos.

My old cameras:

The Nikon one I had it since 9th grade. It was a gift from Uncle who notice our family still uses those cameras with negative film in them. I was pretty much in charge of family photos.

The Canon one was actually a used camera left in the lost and found at the family restaurant. My uncle gave it to me after no one claimed it after 3-5 months. We usually donate the items to Good Will or Salvation army because most items we get are clothes are left behind. Rarely, we get electronic items. The camera was way better than the Nikon one, but it wasn't taken good care by the previous owner. The viewing screen was dirty, and dust got inside of it. I couldn't clean the inside of the camera without breaking inside the device.

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I've always been a fan of Nikon. I have a D5100 and it works like a charm. Very reliable. I even think there might of been a price drop. Also, look into the program Lightroom. It's designed to help create top-notch edits of your photos, if you ever feel like having fun with your shots :P
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Thanks, I'll check that camera. I don't have a strong preference for cameras. I would say Nikon was more user friendly due to how simple the set up is. Both my cameras suck at taping footage. I haven't bought a digital camcorder for the family. Just been using the camera instead.

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I would agree with the simplicity of their usage. I generally find images taken with a Nikon camera to be a lot more vibrantly colorful(without editing.) Of course, Lightroom can easily alter any bad quality images. Though, I hear Canon cameras have superior video-recording utilities. This may be true, because Nikon is more photography-focused.
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