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In our title card this week we have Crow Cementerio, Callis Nomene, Arthur Crownwell and Aleister Crown.
In our title card this week we have Crow Cementerio, Callis Nomene, Arthur Crownwell and Aleister Crown.

Welcome to the Anime Vice RPG Weekly News Blog, I’m your host Kuma_from_Argentina, geek, scriptwriter and dedicated tap dancer, this time around we have our first Player/Character Spotlight with Samjaz and we have some news and some new threads.

First of all the RPG community welcomes a new awesome addition to our ranks with Vapovile creating a character this week and entering his first thread. I hope new players come with every week and I hope they are as awesome as Vapovile.

In Thread News, several new stories started this week, like “A Night in the Castle”, were the characters will face a town and castle combo infested with Vampires, if you have unsolved issues against Twilight and you want to kill some Vampires you are welcome to write up a character and get into the action.

If you fancy battlefields and soldiers you can swing by and read “Iron Ghost”, a thread focused on a Tank Squad during open warfare. Tales of iron, blood and sorrow in the battlefield, if you exchange iron for Gundamium this could be a Gundam series. Well not exactly, but you catch my drift.

The tear jerking “A Certain Girl Called Clare” continues as one of the characters from Fehafare, Aleister Crown, handles the loss of his lover. Top notch narrative and character development, a story of sadness and loss, is pretty damn good.

Today we celebrated the February Monthly RPG Awards; check it out to see a bit of our community interaction and some funny in jokes you surely won’t get, unless you enter the RPG section. (Yes , I know this is low, but we could use new players.)

A new Feature has been added to the RPG Forum, the DK Duels, in which players can pit their characters against each other in Dream Battles, were they can ignore story and center around pure combat, many times ending in dead as this battles are off canon.

Player Feature: Samjaz

One of the current pillars of the RP Section, he was one of the people that kept the forum afloat through dark times, putting effort and time into creating amazing villains, wisecracking heroes, great concepts and awesome threads

Q&A with Samjaz

When did you start to play in the RP section?

I started playing back in 2010. My first RP was Black Arcana, and I wanted to prove that someone could use god mode characters and still lose in favor of the plot. I then developed the first version of SamJaz to take part in the vice tournament

What are your favorite types of characters to play?

Man child with a hint of sociopath behavior, essentially. Happy go lucky without a care in the world other than doing the first thing that pops into their heads.

Which was your favorite thread and why?

Hellscraper was my favorite thread. It dominated for about a year, and it really built ties between not only characters, but with my friends on the vice.

From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

My favorite character is Jardsam, an absolute sociopath who claims to represent order and balance while only doing whatever the flip he wants.

The Character Cast

Samjaz has many characters, all with different personalities, origins and power set. But it would be unfair of me to talk about them, when I can slack off and allow the owner of said characters to do it for me. Samjaz will tell us now about three of his characters.

SamJaz Shinoda

Coming back to the vice, I wanted a character that was capable of adapting and fighting on all levels yet not over powered. Enter SamJaz. Starting out, I won't deny that his abilities were a direct port of Sora's from Kingdom Hearts, with a lot of Persona 3 added into the mix. As he developed, he's probably one of the most powerful characters on the vice, with an empire plagiarizing similar to one found in Warhammer 40k. However, I've kept to the core of that intention of wanting to fight on all levels. With street level specs, SamJaz can also increase his physical attributes through various techniques as needed. By switching his personas, SamJaz can be knocked over by a strong punch in one fight, but survive a surprise trip to the sun by becoming immune to fire as needed.

Personality wise, he's close to how I am after several cans of red bull, mixed with various elements of the Doctor. Meaning well but not always making the most sensible decisions. Will come out with completely insane ideas and proceed to follow through on them, even if only for the laughs. But, when responsibility comes rearing its boring but needed head, SamJaz is all authority and will get the job done as brutally efficiency.

Jardsam Shinoda

I originally introduced him as a joke on Sonata, bringing back a character I played as years ago on the vice before the universe was rebooted. However, Jardsam's quickly become one of my favorite characters to play as. A fallen hero who survived the end of the universe countless times, Jardsam's immortal and bored of it, but has a time machine and will abuse every second of it. He starts families for fun, going off to 'work' for a few hundred years before returning back to his wife eight hours later. His kids are called Shinodaborn, and there are over a dozen of them already in play in the vice.

My inspiration when writing Jardsam is "What would SamJaz do if he was an absolute prick and had a time machine?" Jardsam's since evolved beyond that core idea, and I just love coming up with more and more unconventional methods of being evil. Yes, he is a lawyer/accountant, and yes, I carefully worded that magical insurance waiver you signed three pages ago and you still haven't realized that you sold your soul and your underpants to Jardsam, and he's gonna use that to screw you over at the best comedic possibility.

Hitomi Nakamura

A fashion designer with mythical abilities of needlework, Hitomi Nakamura was the first non-combat character I made and I freaking love playing as her. My inspiration for her is Donna, from Suits, and she is one of the most likeable personalities I play as. She's also an undisputed boss, and no one disrespects her and gets away with it. Part of that is not angering the demigods that prowl the Vice, but a lot of it is the way I show other players that she genuinely cares for their characters, be it a hug when they're feeling down, a warmhearted snark when they're feeling foolish, genuine advice when they're feeling lost, or an emotional kick in the teeth when they're stepping the line.

Despite being a non-combatant, I've had Hitomi hold her own at every possibility. If she's in danger and she can get out of it by ramming a pair of scissors into someone's aorta, then she'll go all hunger games on you without a qualm. Most of the time she's happy to stand on the sidelines and watch the super powered freaks wreck stuff up, and be ready to fix the clothing damage and bruised egos afterwards.

This is all for Today, but keep around to read more about the work of the RPG Community.

Samjaz Original Art and the Portraits in the Title Card were made by Rokuro

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Next time we have the Player Spotlight for Fehafare, some RP concepts as selling will be explained and we will keep you on the loop about the activities in the RPVerse

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Good stuff man. Lemme know if I can help out again.

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@SamJaz: Congradulations on being featured :D. Pretty much all 3 of these characters are awesome in their own ways.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Great job writing the blog, and thanks for mentioning me :D.

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Wow, you just dove into RPG like it was natural. I had a hard time adjusting to the battle forums. I probably have a hard time with RPG. Nice job, Vapo.

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@takashichea: Well I did have prior experience RPing on other forums, so it honestly wasn't too hard transitioning to this one. The hardest part of RPing is making your character, but once you do that, actually RPing is pretty simple. Just state what is going on in the environment around your character, and detail what they do in response to the situation. Everyone in the RPG section would be more than willing to help you out if you want to give it a shot, I'd say :D.

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