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The time has come….the day is here…ANIMEVICE!!!!!! (*Drumroll*) RPG NEWS BLOG!!!! YEAH! I’m really pumped, thrilled and excited to do this every week! For a couple of weeks until we refresh a bit the player/character cast with new blood we will skip the Players Spotlight, but today we have the status update on this week hottest threads and we will have more INSIDE RPG, either requested by you or when I have some time, as I’m currently busy with work and I wont be able to do it tomorrow either.

As always, before we start, I remind you all that you can ask any questions in the Q/A thread or you can send me a PM. Anybody can play, fanfic writers can, anime fans can, people that originally had 0 writing experience can. Look at me, I’m not even doing it in my native language and I can kick a moderate amount of ass. With everything said, let’s jump to the hot new threads.

Thread Spotlight

New Threads

Heart of the Sword: Chambara, the Spirit of Swordsmanship summons every swordsman in the Viceverse to a battle royale in the abandoned Hashima Island to gauge the skill of the Blade Masters of this era. Several swordsmen of the Viceverse already signed in, so what are you waiting for to join this battle?

First Days: The King’s Grammar School academic year starts. Created by Samjaz, this is a regular school that sooner or later will start to contact with the Hidden World…or maybe not, we shall see.

Hot Threads

Inazuma Gakuen recently introduced a new set of characters, Class L, that include characters handled by Vapovile, Ninja2170, Lobos_del_Rayo and Fehafare sharing the class with several NPC with different styles, personalities and goals.

Capital of the Underworld, the first thread created by user Ownagapants, take us to an hidden underground city were the most prominent members of the Japanese Criminal World negotiate and tug-of-war the territories hidden from the eyes of the authorities.

An Unexpected Train Ride, first thread by Vapovile, when a train is filled with undead criminals that want to destroy all the people inside a bunch of heterogeneous heroes that share only some minor connections or barely know each other will fight them.

We also have a new player that returned from retirement. Maximus, that entered the newverse with a character named Seiko

That’s all for today, I know it isn’t much, but is a good chunk of information resumed so anybody can read it and I call it a win.

This is Kuma signing off!


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Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14

I'm taking a week off from the Blog. I'm swamped with work

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