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Welcome to the third installment of the Anime Vice RPG Weekly News! I’m Kuma_From_Argentina (A.K.A. Kuro-san, Falken and etc) and I will tell you what’s happening in the RPG section, yes I’m a glorified newsletter but damn I try hard XD. Well, let’s go directly to the news.

This week we have a new thread opening, several fights and a thread that has entered the final stage; let’s make a short review of them, shall we?

We have Identity Theft started by used Lobos_del_Rayo, in which a deadly band of criminals is about to receive several bounty hunters that want to get their heads on a platter to exchange them for the reward.

We had two fights with the Dreaming Kombat System. (Yes I know we plagiarized the Kombat part, but it sounds nice) Both extremely good fights, search them in the RPG forum with DK on their title.

Holy Grail Rebellion and original thread based upon the Nasuverse is reaching a climatic point in a battle were almost 20 Heroic Spirit must face a much larger army while protecting a castle. I deeply recommend this thread as a good read, having many combats amazing characters and sometimes a hint of philosophy as characters with different worldviews and origins must team up.

Other threads like Inazuma Gakuen, A Night at the Castle, Iron Ghost and many more are still being played and being enjoyed, check them out.

Player Spotlight: Fehafare

This time around we have Fehafare, a player with a great range of characters, usually of ambiguous morality, but entertaining like no others. Let’s go to the Q&A


When did you start to play in the RP section?

My first contact with RPing was late 2011 I think. Though stuff didn't go too well because of inactivity and stuff and I didn't get to stay for long. I came back mid 2012 and had a much better start. Since those things picked up quite nicely and I certainly intended to say here for a long time.

What are your favorite types of characters to play?

I'd say characters that can change easily and develop as they go. If I’m to be exact on the type, Neutral Heroic guys, that doesn’t have any real evil intentions but aren't exactly saints walking the Earth either and have more personal goals than global ideals.

Which was your favorite thread and why?

I'd have to say Hellscraper. It's been extremely long running, provided quiet some entertainment and most of all really allowed me to develop my character and let me see him develop.

From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

Though I can't give an ultimate answer on an all time favorite, right now I’d probably pick Aliester Crown my main character as he's the most active of the lot right now.

From your fellow players which is your favorite character?

Ok this is a hard one. There's just too many good characters out there and it's really hard to pick one. But if you were to put a gun against my head and ask, right now I’d say SamJaz's Hagane. Getting to know the character after an RP or two and that's always nice.

Check out his cast of characters explained with his own words.

Aleister Crown

Aliester Crown, maybe better know by the title Phantom, was the first character i made after coming back to the Vice and the RPG section. That being said he's still my main character and i probably use him the most on here. A theatrical actor over the day and a master thief with supernatural powers over night. When i first started making him he was supposed to be a direct adaptation of Phantom from Maple Story, but by the time i finished the profile as well as a few RPs the two barely had anything in common, other than the title and the ability to use cards as weapons. He started out as an arrogant and selfish type of guy who's isolated from others, but slowly opened up through some of the RPs, mellowing out in the process.

The other important thing about him would probably be that at first his entire character pretty much revolved around his girlfriend Clare, which is why i decided to kill her off some time ago. Now looking at it from beginning to end, he's changed quiet a lot, in fact every single section of his profile has changed and that's something i'm rather happy about as i like to see characters develop.

Certainly have quiet a few plans for him in the future and they'll probably have a decent impact on the Vice verse.

Richter von Wolfenstein

My next character Richter is the final product of a series of similar characters. Namely male sword using neutrals. My first creation couldn't fit in after the Vice setting had been changed and the next one was just too broken in terms of power balance. Richter being the third one in the series managed to avoid those two mistakes and fit in rather well. A Warrior Prince from a different world who comes to the Vice to escape his position as said Warrior Prince. Being a hybrid child of a human and a nature spirit, he's more or less the perfect knight when it comes to his physical capabilities. Possessing, strength, speed, skill and a tactical mind as well as having the power to control nature and life itself would make him the perfect role model prince, but he refuses to be that exactly because he'd fit that well.

He doesn't want to do something out of obligation, especially not if it seems pointless. That is what defines him as a hero too, he doesn't feel like he has a duty to help the poor or defenseless, but rather because of his personal romantic ideas and convictions. He avoids civilization in general and the only contact with people he gets seem to be travel companions. Despite his usual calm self he's more than ready for a good fight from time to time as seen multiple times in the past.

Richter and his world are more or less my take on a fantasy setting. As his story moves slower than Crown's nothing's set in stone for him yet.


Now for my third character. Charlotte was born out of several different factors. My need for a female character, one that is uses guns and technology rather than magic and fantasy oriented stuff, as well as my love for Black Rock Shooter. The result is her and i'm rather happy about it. Charlotte's a girl who's been turned into a half-machine after an accident where, luckily for her, she saved the daughter of a rich family who payed for the operation to save her.

But at the same time she ended up in a corrupt technological city which she couldn't leave and she had no memories of her prior life either. To survive she turned to a most unusual profession, being a mercenary. Having a blank mind allowed her to learn very quickly. What's more she noticed that she had a natural talent for creating weapons. As such her end stage fighting style became summoning various guns from her own mind to fight with. Personality wise she's quiet a mix, in the sense that she can be innocent, adorable and clueless at times, but also will kill a man on the battlefield and not even question it once. She's different from Crown and Richter in the sense that while they start out with something to call their own and then change over time, Charlotte pretty much starts from zero, which also means that i am free to take her and her story wherever i want.

Currently I have three different plans for her and the idea of all three being possible or blending together is a cool idea for me which i look forward to realizing.

NEXT TIME IN ANIMEVICE RPG WEEKLY BLOG: We do a new Player Spotlight with Chronowolf, we give you the updates of the RPGverse and I'll add a explanation about the organizations currently active in the RPGverse

Aleister Crown and the characters on the Title card are drawn by Rokuro

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: As usual great job Kuma.

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@Fehafare: Thanks and thanks for the Spotlight

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You should made this and the last RPG news into a blog. I realized Foxx didn't spotlight a key Screened community blog, Screened Yearbook (April 2010 - March 14, 2014) or your RPG blogs. I'll tweet your thread for more exposure once I write the Fan Fic's Best Writers of 2013 today.

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@takashichea: Thanks

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Nice job Kuma! Posts like these make breaking into the RPG section a little bit easier. Can't wait for the one about the organizations.

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@Vapovile: Thanks

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