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Today I'm going to talk about Gakuen Alice. The characters are Anna, Hotaru, Jinna, Mikan(main character girl), two Misaki, a teacher named bear, Natsume(main character boy), Noda, Nonako, Persona, Reo, Ruka, Sernia, Shuichi, Subaru, Sumire, Tusabasa, Youichi, and Yuu. The school all these character rather go to or work at is Alice Academy. The school is for super natural kids that have super powers. It's a rely good anime I recommend you see it.

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Next time, can you use a different name for your thread? We don't want a lot of threads with the same name on here

That show doesn't look like I would like it

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I'll check it out...

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@animelover1222: Watched it and really enjoyed it as well! If you like the anime, I recommend Kodocha. Mikan resembles the main character, Sana, a lot!

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A little off topic but does anyone know some really long yet good anime other than Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto, and even InuYasha. Im having a hard time looking because most animes I see are short. I really enjoy the long animes. Think you could help me out?

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Well the first one I'd recommend is one of my all-time favorites, Gintama. I think it's at 252 now. The series is back on hiatus from what I hear as the anime caught up to the manga.

If you are open to sports anime, you might want to check out the following:

  1. Eyeshield 21 (145 eps)
  2. Prince of Tennis (Season 1: 178 eps - Season 2: 13)
  3. Inazuma Eleven (Season 1: 127 eps - Season 2 - 47 - Season 3 - ongoing)
  4. Touch (101 eps)

There's also Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl in at 124 episodes but it's still being fan-subbed so it will be a while before it can be viewed in its entirety. Keroro Gunsou (Sgt Frog) and Detective Conan (Case Closed) are two similarly incompletely subbed shows, however both are licensed so they're in the process. There are currently 358 episodes of Sgt Frog but only around 170 subbed (some officially others fan-subbed). There are 656 episodes of Conan, but I'm not sure how many are in English.

If action is more your thing, then there's:

  1. D.Gray-Man (103 eps)
  2. Hitman Reborn (203 eps)
  3. Hunter x Hunter (Season 1: 62 eps - OVA seasons: 30 eps - Season 3 reboot: 34-ongoing)
  4. Zatch Bell (150 eps)
  5. The Slayers (4 seasons each with it's own story but characters and references to earlier plots reappear over its course ~ 104 episodes)

For older stuff, Rumiko Takahashi had Urusei Yatsura (195 eps) and Ranma 1/2 (143). That doesn't include the added OVA and movies for both of those. City Hunter is another which over the course of 3 seasons adds up to 127 episodes plus a few movies. Oh and then there's 4 seasons now of Lupin. Galaxy Express 999 ran for 113 and Fist of the North Star hit 152 over two seasons. Of course, there are 5 seasons of Sailor Moon, too adding up to 200 episodes.

If you're open to some more modern magical girl story lines, there is Shugo Chara's 3 seasons totaling 127.

There is always some of the franchises which roll into each other such as Macross and Gundam (Universal Century). The characters change along a timeline as the franchise-long plot develops. If you tally up every anime in their respective timelines, you're looking at 150 to 250+ episodes. Finally, there's Legend of the Galactic Heroes which clocks in at 110 episodes. It's stretched out over 4 parts which ran from 1988 to 1997.

Everything listed above runs over 100 episodes which I think is long. I recently re-watched 525 episodes of One Piece and around 200 of Bleach and it can be fatiguing. I'm not sure what the best size of a series is since each show is different, but I do know that taking a break from any single show periodically is a good idea.

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Oh wow. Thanks so much! I will check out all of these!

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