Anime Bath Scene Blog shut down

Topic started by Watermaiden15 on Jan. 14, 2011. Last post by Daniel_Newton 2 years, 7 months ago.
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@Watermaiden15: Well that's certainly impressive, though it does seem to be more of a gallery than a wiki really, but I suppose most of it would just read "chick is naked, she sittin' in water yo." Do you edit the entire thing yourself or is it a group effort? 
So, what motivates you to run a blog and wiki on anime bath scenes? I mean, if you were a guy it would be a stupid question. But since you're apparently a girl, I feel the need to ask, just curious. Definitely an unusual hobby.
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That's a bummer.   :(
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That sucks, blogger should at least back things up. Hopefully Wikia will allow for that if they ever turn oppressive later.

Do you have the URL that your blog used to be at? I could check the WayBackMAchine to see if some of it was archived.

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In the Wikia communities, we have a code for Fair Use Rationale, and we post that on every image we uploaded to avoid copyright. Though, not all wikia communities have that.

Anime Vice doesn't do Fair Use.

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Shoulda used Tumblr. They're pretty lennient on videos and pics.

@SSJjanemba said:

they need to stop putting nudity into anime.

Or you could always not watch anime with nudity. It's not like it's in most series.

edit.... dagnabbit, who the heck grave dug this? I just noticed the 2011 in the pic and was like, "if in 2012 you just noticed it died in 2011 it may have been due to inactivity" only to look down and see this thread is ancient in internet time.

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So no bath scene threads in AV???

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This thread is old as hell and seems to be causing quite a bit of confusion, so I think I'll lock it. Peace.

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