Ani-Crap Review #2: KissxSis

Topic started by Dream on Dec. 19, 2011. Last post by sotyfan16 2 years, 12 months ago.
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Rather than post a review in text, I decided to take my thoughts on this horrid ecchi title onto video. Enjoy!
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I think this series would have been a lot better if it was a bit more serious and at some point he undeniably and consciously slept with his sisters, people found out, and he had to go through all of the negative social things that would happen if people found out that you willingly committed incest. That would probably change the genre completely though.

Still, I ended up watching this all the way through. A guilty pleasure of whatever anime season it came out in, although the piss fantasies (and realities) that eventually come into every episode after a point were pretty gross.

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@sickVisionz: There's an anime that does seriously explore incest called Koi Kaze. It's a lot better than this garbage.
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I had no idea what you said during your rant in the beginning, but i thought it was hysterical.
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We're resorting to hintai here? seriously? Anyway this series is just boring, I saw one episode and fell asleep.

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I was stubborn enough to try the OVA series a while back up to the 4th one, and it drove me nuts with the whole incest matter. There are proper ways to explore incest I suppose, but this one tries at every turn to "arouse" the viewer in very provocative wauys. The constant "service" does make the series itself pretty boring, but for those stagnated on the whole idea of fanservice driving the plot mechanics it alienates before doing that much. I can agree with the idea that it could have done a respectable job if it had examined the social implications of the incest relationship, but then, it's never actually attempts this to my knowledge, just tries to be "arousing" which really puts off any motivation to try it any further. Maybe for guilty pleasure, perhaps, but I really didn't see it that way...

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I agree with you on this one. There is another show I watched that has alternate storylines going a couple episodes a piece where the last set explores the harshness of incest. It's called Yosuga no Sora.

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