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Perfection is an illusion. Or rather, it is subjective. The only way one could assert for such an elusive concept to exist is by having the entire world agree on it. As in: It can be objectively determined to be perfect. Omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and omnianything could be described as a state of ''perfection''.

I still think that for someone to be omniscient, there needs to be a finite amount of information. I think the only way one could be omniscient in an infinite multiverse is if the multiverse was expanding infinitely at a certain pace, not already being infinite.

As for omnipotence? I'd refer to the omnipotence paradox. Unless said being/beings(?) can do the logically impossible... but I really hope not because a Suggsverse reality would be a depressing thought.

Omnipresence? I have no bloody clue how to respond to this one.

While the human mind probably can't imagine infinity or abstract concepts similiar to it, we can atleast have a basic understanding of it and come to our own conclusions.

Agree or disagree? Also, we have now turned this into a thread of philosophy. Wonderful words, aren't they? Agree or disagree. So simple, yet so effective. Then again, I was the one that started to mindscrew everyone. LOL.

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I agree and I also disagree.

Yes, human can have a basic understanding about it. But it is limited as it is. That is why we will never be able to explain the true perspective of God's perfection. It's a mystery. An existence that is well beyond the capabilities of a human mind to comprehend. It will remain as paradox because it's inexplicable. To us, things like this would be ever a illusion or a state of being that we won't reach or we haven't yet to understand.

As for Suggsverse.... don't worry, @EvilMegaCookie:, it's not reality. Suggsverse is a dire effort of a fanboy (similar to Chuck Norris's) who either wants to create the most powerful verse of all, or to state a crap of misguided worthless logical fallacies derived from an another logical fallacies and paradox (omnipotence, etc.) thus making a crampled piece of shitstorm. It's a nonsensical work of fiction made out of so little imagination that it has to use other fictional works just to have a sense of reality and content.

@EvilMegaCookie: don't worry. I'm used to this kind of stuff lol.

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I think IF such an existence like a god or THE God would exist, we could come to an understanding in due time. Or maybe there are several gods. Or several gods that are actually one entity. Either way, I think the possibility exists.

I think it'd be interesting if each religion had it's own corresponding universe where their creator is the ruler. Or rather that every theory that exists or has been conceived of exists in another universe. That way everyone would be right and there would be no need for disputes like today.

But then one has to wonder: What is the truth of our universe? Is this one among many? The first? The only one? The final universe?

Whatever the case, I think the best one can do with life is to simply enjoy it as long as possible. And help others of course.

So basically a bubble multiverse of sorts. Lol.

Agree or disagree?

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Agree. Anything can happen. You just have to believe in the belief in which you are happy. Or it is juts what you want to believe or it is just your belief from the start. It depends on you.

Also to note, IIRC there is a statement in the Bible (I'm a devout Christian) in which it says that the world is like "a fruit (the Omniverse/multiverse) with many seeds (the universes). So, the possibility of alternate universes, different universes and dimension is not fat-fetched.

But, there are just some things in the world that we're never meant to know. Agree or Disagree?

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I think it is a matter of whether we survive long enough to understand it or die before we do.

Which brings up the question of omnipotence. If several universes/dimensions exist... are the creators omnipotent within that realm and only that realm? That could potentially solve the paradox of there being several omnipotent beings.

That sentence looks interesting. Might look it up.

Just a crazy thought I had. If Nothing was an anthromorphic personification, would he be as old or older than God from the bible?

Agree or disagree? :P

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Having several omnipotent creators is a complete nonsense and would create an another paradox inexplicable by the human mind, by which is really bad considering how fucked up and inexplicable omnipotence is. Those said creators would be hereby be nigh-omnipotents since no such two omnipotent beings can exist all together in a singe verse or a single omniverse to be clear (I'm talking fiction and science here). You will be like a particular person I know creating garbage concepts in which he can't even begin to comprehend or explain but keeps saying he does understand, in which he actually just understand the main sence "there are more omnipotents", not "how can there be more omnipotents".

Nothing being an entity of concept is later invented in fictional verses I believe. But according to the Bible, it was God who first existed. Then he existed in the nothing (unexistence if you migh add), and void.

Also, like I said, some things aren't meant to be known or solved, for it might just ruin ad destroy the very person who seeks it, or worse, cause a catalyst of a greater chaos and destruction. Agree or Disagree?

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But what existed before God? If nothing existed before God... well, you get the idea. Words can make quite the funny situations.

And by omnipotent, I mean only within their own domain. Like how a... how do I put this... a dreamer could be said to be the supreme being within his realm and his realm alone. Actually, it might be wrong to call that omnipotence and simply call it unlimited power. Because once that being steps outside of his or her boundaries, they'd be powerless. Thus they are disqualified from that position/status. Reminds me of solipsism. So does that mean every almighty creator mentioned in religion ever is a solipsist? LOL.

That certain person has an odd idea of omnipotence. If not outright stupid. Even the cannonfodder is supposedly ''all-powerful in every fictional verse/omniverse/plot/author/reality'' or whatever nonsense he writes. It is an oxymoron from the very start.

As for the Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, that sounds like something right out of Lovecraft.

I honestly don't know. Nothing might happen. We might never understand it either. Or we might. One can never predict the future after all.

Agree or disagree?

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Disagree.....We CAN predict the future, whether or not we get it RIGHT is a different matter entirely.

For the maybe, maybe not understanding thing. If we are able to survive all the challenges that our planet, sun, solar system, galaxy and universe are able to provide us then I have to say yes because we as a species want to survive and currently the more advancements in technology and knowledge we can achieve new levels of intelligence that we currently cannot comprehend. We understand as much as we want, if we limit ourselves by saying that is impossible or we can't/weren't meant to understand then we essentially would just be saying that the universe/cosmos has one and we are merely waiting to become extinct.

Should Humanity be allowed to become a interstellar species with all of it's technology considering how we act currently? Could we become better or are we going to become worse? Agree or Disagree?

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Agree. We don't know what would happen. But it would depend in the courses of action that we humans would take should we decide or somewhat evolve into a higher level of species and start to roam the universe.

But I, personally thinks this would be a major bullcrap knowing that my hope for humanity is fading. If we can't even take care of our own planet, why bother going into another? It will sound like "hey fellow humans, I think Earth won't survive our stupidity. Lets migrate on an another planet and destroy it." Agree or Disagree?

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