Absolute Destiny Whatever: New Year's Railing

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Welcome to my initial blog series, Absolute Destiny Whatever (Named after a Twitter hashtag I made up while I was working on a wiki for those that were wondering) where I'll be discussing not only what videogames I've been playing, but also about what else is going on about my life as of late. The holidays came and went and it turned out to be fine despite the year that I had with my family.

Christmas Eve and Day

Unlike other X-Mas Eves, that one was shorter than hell rather than the usual feeling of it being longer than two to three days. Christmas Day arrives and I ended up having some fun as my folks gave me some gifts despite being far from perfect and the lazy-ass job they did with my stocking. (A big ziplock bag filled with candy in a stocking? Seriously? The candy part's what the actual stocking is for.) -__-

Gifts that I Can Remember from that Time

  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. (Link via GiantBomb)
  • A shirt that doesn't suit me (It was purple with light blue text). :(
  • A new stereo/cd player.
  • A box of Old Spice stuff (Which smells very good in my view).
  • An fancy Invicta watch that made the ones from my nearest mall look like counterfeit ones.

New Year's 2013

2012 was quite a ride in gaming, anime and hanging around at the campus lounge and on the internet. I also learned that I have an fearless-like ability when talking to women outside of the school lounge as pointed out by a few friends of mine. (Didn't even need help from GB's off-topic section for that. :P ) However, when it came to my home and family life, it was a bitch and a half. I lost a loved one, another loved one got arrested (too many driving tickets), and the family car was towed in late September, thus royally screwing everyone's plans until my fall quarter, which totally blew despite my good performances back there. I dealt with the negatives of 2012. Now I'm attempting to turn them all into positives for 2013.

That's about everything that went on with me during the holidays, so with a song to welcome the new year , I'll see you around until next time. (Also feel free to comment if you want to share your thoughts on how your holidays went too).

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2012 was a heck of a ride for me, too. School was insane as well as the wiki. I had a tough time doing time management with school and working. I decided to quit. Luckily, I pass all of spring semester's classes, but fall semester was pretty bull. I fail two classes, and I thought I was almost there. Now, I'm a bit worried, but I'm confident that I will ace them this year.

Gaming in 2012: I bought a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for the first time for my little sister as a late Christmas gift in January. I forgot to get Chain of Memories which is the sequel to number 1 due me getting confused. It was a fun game and totally different experience. Somehow along the way, Kingdom Hearts was the gateway for my little sister and I to get into Final Fantasy for the first time as well.

Anime in 2012: Oh man, I can't believe I got into so many new anime series. It was because the trailers and the Quick Picks you and I posted together throughout the year. I got to go out of my comfort zone and try different genres besides the usual shonen and comedy ones. Plus, I got into a lot of wiki projects and made a lot of new friends in Anime Vice.


Dude, I don't think your post supporting Toonami is appropriate here.

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My friend is sincerely sharing his experiences and struggle with the community. Your post looks like spam and is unrelated. No offense to Toonami because I do support them.

Please go post somewhere else. Thank you.

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@takashichea: If you liked Kingdom Hearts, I recommend "The World Ends with You." It's developed by the same team who brought you Kingdom Hearts and you could tell from the character designs. It has a great soundtrack and combat that really forces you get to involved. You should get it if you have an ipad or DS.

This year in gaming, I got deeper into choice heavy RPGs like the Witcher franchise and Dragon Origins. Unofrtunately, I was unable to get my hands on The Walking Dead, the game everyone is talking about.

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I have thought about getting that game after my siblings enjoyed Dream Drop Distance. Just got to read the reviews on it. I heard about Walking Dead and its brilliant story telling.

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@takashichea: I'm glad to be part of your reason that you ran into many anime series last year. It was a lot of good stuff that we came across. Alongside , I also recommend "The World Ends With You" since it turned out to be a very good game on my end too. I'd also get into The Walking Dead videogame, but I have way too much in my hands, including my upcoming Winter quarter.

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