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I realise this is better served on my emo blog, as I don't have one, I thought I'd share it here! As it's relevant.

I recently became self employed, to work from home, legitimately, which is unassailably cool. Literally not for another company, for my business, Love Incorporated t/a Blakes. (Note: not advertising :P). So I'm happy.

I've been getting more into anime and the whole online community surrounding it over the last year or two, as I've been between serious jobs and not a lot is going on in the entertainment business due to the crippling world wide depression. Anywho, I finally got moved into this wonderful apartment, I found this place, there's an RPG, started watching Fairy Tail, business was starting to look ok. Then .. well not Karma, but, the terrible luck that calls you to rely on karma to stop you from ripping everything to death in rage, hit me. I won't get into it heavily, suffice to say, I have no toilet no heating and a psychotic downstairs neighbour with a stick. So I'm moving to the coast. Yay!

Point is I wanted to be online a lot more, be on here, do more reviews, make a new website for something other than just business, do some writing, try and relax into like, life, a bit more. Stopped drinking, stopping smoking, putting on weight, a lot of stuff. Go to more meets, like Comic-con, all sorts of crap.

Suffice to say I feel like I failed, since all this terrible stuff happened to me (just bad luck) I'm literally clinging to the rocky edge like Sly in Cliffhanger, on top of the heating etc. I got stung by some bad bad things to do with Business Start-Ups and the help you get. Again, I don't expect everyone to be my best friend, but basically the council said one thing to my face 'OH of course. we're all about helping young people get into small business!' and have been summarily derping my herp with anything I ever asked them since. Like Setsuna says, inability to act becomes unconcscious malice.

So I've done a whole shit tonne of fighting, I have a whole little summer scheme (that someone else set up for me as a favour) which I will explain soon! But that should get me to the end of summer with a place to live, something vaguely steady to do and MOST IMPORTANTLY I don't have to go and work under someone else. For some reason, when I do that, I become the Hulk and everything goes 'I wan be a car park, please smush me'. So yeah.

The point of my post? I wanted to be a lot more active on here, on my new twitter, on the internet generally and be doing a lot more of the things I WANT TO BE DOING but it's tough having a busy real life and a busy online life, I guess. So I'm struggling.

End result is I'm moving into a shared accomodation 1) To save and make more money 2) To help discipline me 3 )To stop me being a raving lunatic who walks around his house eating tinned peaches and watching Hunter screaming 'YATTTA' 4) To be closer to the city

I kind of paid for an account on here because I just thought, it's the most amazing website! And it still is, effectively, I'm always annoyed that I don't get on here more often and I wanted to explain. What I have done is watched a bunch of awesome anime and read some kickass manga, which has been awesome, so thanks for that. I usually spend ages looking, watch 5 minutes of 'Dai Wa No Koto Flashy' then go back to DBZ Kai just to watch something I know. Like friends.

Also, I rant a lot, I can't control it. I should be able to write damnit!

Loads of Love,cookies and rainbows


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