A mage from Zetsuen no Tempest

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Finished Watching Zetsuen no Tempest

when i saw the first 3 episodes...I thought what an weird story with Magic and had no idea whatz going on

stopped following it for a while and got in t ouch with the anime aftr a big gap

seemd interesteing and got me hooked to it

I liked the conversations between Mahiro and Yoshino

Liked Mahiro more than Yoshino...i like his training to Hanemura

they don't say they are friends....but they are pretty good together ...i love when Mahiro dares anyone to hurt Yoshino

Samon,Tetsuma nad Natsumara -the Kusaribe clan guys nice,strong willed guys......its funny when Natsumura and Tetsuma were made to wear those colourful shirts by Evangeline

Hanemura,the mage of Exodus.....the guy who dont want to hurt and in a sudden rage kicks both Mahiro and Yoshino ...that's something he could do :D :P

it was kinda of cute of him when he said "U got sister complex" to Mahiro and the guys around them say wow he said what everyone didnt dare to say.....well Mahiro was good in givng him company on fights

I loved watching the anime...though there are one or two times im like whatz going on...

quotes often come from Tempest and Hamlet......they were nice

Fuwa Aika is a beautiful girl...though i couldn't understand her...i love her boldness

a beautiful love between Aika and Yoshino......well seemed he normal in dating her :) ...well as they say she is Unique

had no idea he could be her,the mage of Exodus until it was revealed...love that unexpected truth in the story

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