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Before I press on with this article, let me tell folks that this title is now officially the absolute worst anime I’ve had a chance of seeing to date. I had to regularly take breaks every few minutes watching this horrific piece of trash just to keep myself from getting the temptation to destroy the disc when I rented it from Netflix. I did warn you guys this was not gonna be a pretty one for me and I was almost tempted to go on a profanity-laden rant for this article because of how much Eiken absolutely disgusted me. But for the sake of those who want to avoid crap like Eiken, I guess I have a duty to inform you of why you should avoid this like the plague. So sit back and enjoy reading this.

Eiken was an 18-volume fan service-heavy romantic comedy manga series published in the Shonen Champion magazine from 2001 to 2004 and created by Seiji Matsuyama. A two-episode OAV anime adaptation of the series was released in 2003 and animated by J.C. Staff and GENCO. The anime adaptation was directed by Kiyotaka Ohata, a storyboard artist and episode director for titles like Arjuna and Azumanga Daioh.


Densuke is a high school student who enrolls at Zashono Academy who finds himself taking an interest in shy, timid and beautiful girl Chihiru and unwillingly joining the mysterious Eiken Club. Hoping to earn Chihiru’s affections, Densuke is persuaded into entering a school-wide competition he desires to win.

Notable Characters (from left to right):



Densuke Mifune- Male lead of the series who is wimpy and trying to earn Chihiru’s affection. Quite often found in embarrassing predicaments with other girls which prevent any relationship developments for him to occur with Chihiru.   

Chihiru Shinonome- Timid, shy and beautiful girl with an 88 cm bust, Densuke’s love interest.

Kirika Misono- Purple-haired leader of the Eiken Club with a 99 cm bust who is normally seen sucking on phallic-looking foods and egging on Densuke throughout the school competition.

Komoe Harumachi- A clumsy elementary school student who is the youngest of the Eiken Club members and has the largest bust size at 111 cm.

Yuriko Shinonome- Chihiru’s younger sister with interest in Densuke and quite often likes pressing her body on him or jumping into his face butt or crotch first. 

Why It Sucks:

Enough boobage and ass-shots to drive me insane.
  Enough boobage and ass-shots to drive me insane.

Eiken is a huge smorgasbord of various scenarios and character archetypes you would find in ecchi titles. Any kind of plot and character development you would hope to get out of this series is taken out in favor of enough sexual innuendo to spot in just about every scene of Eiken. The series is so ignorant of its plot that it doesn’t even bother exploring what exactly the Eiken Club does and why the students never get in trouble for the suggestive predicaments they get into.

Here’s just a bit of the various forms of innuendo you would be exposed to throughout Eiken: suggestive use of food, butt shots to the camera, clothes flying off, Densuke getting in enough embarrassing moments with girls, suggestive movements between two characters in very close proximity of one another. These moments make Eiken seem almost like a softcore hentai title.

This might be all well and good if you crave ecchi and fan service heavy anime titles. But when there are a number of girls among the cast who have bust sizes that defy genetics (even the youngest of the Eiken Club being among the offenders), then it is rather hard to get turned on and interested in the female cast when that one “certain” area is very unappealing to the eyes.

Where They Do Now:

Seiji Matsuyama- Last I had heard about Matsuyama, he is still doing ecchi manga with the recent publication of his series, Oku-sama wa Shogakusei (My Wife is an Elementary Student). However, the series had been listed as a “harmful publication” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in April thanks to the passing of the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance bill.

Kiyotaka Ohata- Ohata is still doing storyboards and episode direction for a number of anime titles, with the most recent notable ones including Baccano, Princess Jellyfish and Natsume’s Book of Friends.
The License- Both the anime and manga adaptations of Eiken are currently licensed by Media Blasters. The anime is still available to buy through the distributor’s Anime Works chain while only 12 of the 18 manga volumes are available for sale with no new volumes having been released in America since 2008. 

And for your personal amusement and my entertainment, I present this…


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I absolutely abhor ecchi stuff and I was thinking of getting this with the mecha-sounding name and all(I didn't even bother to check!) but...I just read this now.
Thanks for the heads-up!
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series like these make me started to hate ecchi/harem genre, they just overdo things and reach the point where story doesn't even matter anymore.

while ignoring its obvious huge boob jokes, I TRIED to read the manga version, but it was just too horrible for me to continue.

it's been a long ago, but far as I can remember the storytelling in it was so bad i couldn't tell what was going, and none of the characters were likable.

Good job writing a blog like this, keep up the good work.

btw would you take some recommendation for next update?

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Yeah..I knew this was bad when I skimmed an episode online a couple years back. Didin't know it had 18 volumes of manga (how could it have been that popular?). Everything about this title is beyond bad and it hurts other, much more enjoyable, series of the harem and ecchi genres that balance story and characters with fanservice.
Funny vid at the end and I would have been just fine with you being profane.
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If you'd like, I can take my $5 copy of the Eiken DVD I got from FYE, smash it with a hammer, and send you pictures if that will make you feel better since you are 100% right. 
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This is one of the only anime, I feel like I have waste my time (and I saw Queen's Blade) 
I would watch Batman & Robin 10x, then watch this anime again 
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The only ecchi things I can tolerate is like High School of the Dead and Fairy Tail OVAs "aka Booby Tail."

I'm not a pervert though.

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I'm very tolerant and I fully admit to enjoying harem comedies and ecchi content even when it is gratuitous, but this ranks at the bottom of my list, too.  I don't revile it like some other shows, but I am embarrassed to say I've seen it and for someone who's seen Seikon no Qwaser, that's something. 
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Thank goodness someone else sees this series for what it is.
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In respect, I have to disagree. I loved Eiken, and found it incredibly funny. The ecchi and how it was played out was hilarious. I saw the 2 part OVA, and I have to say I would buy this series on DVD. Even though Komoe, being the youngest, had the biggest breasts - which I found a bit odd but still pretty funny - that didn't hinder my experience with Eiken.

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i watched one episode of this anime , i don't want to do that again. now this is a problem because when i look for an anime to watch , sometimes some animes ( i think there are many of them with this) contain this kind of stuff.

i miss the 90s.

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I feel your pain, Dream! I had to quit Eiken after the first episode. Purely one huge example of fanservice (and especially boobage) gone wrong.

Post by Mutant_God (243 posts) See mini bio Level 14

I love Eiken

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