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I've always thought of starting a blog. The idea really does interest me and I feel like I've led a very exciting life so I would have a lot to write about. But every time I sit down and start getting things together to start a blog, everything goes blank.

I guess I just need inspiration? No... I have inspiration... What do I need then? A push? A set format? A subject? Yeh that's it. I think I need a specific subject to write upon because there are so many things I want to say. So man things to say... I don't want to sound conceited by saying I have a "more-than-interesting" life, and sometimes I come off as such in my writing.

Somebody needs to come along and suggest me things to write about. T-T

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@Trebel: Writing about what you've learned is always a good place to start.

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Oh wow, I didn't know this posted to the forums. Haha! Thanks for the reply. And yeh, I could totally write what I've learned over the past few hard years. But there is JUST SO MUCH! I dunno, I think I will have a brainstorming session here one of these days.

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You can write about your experience with anime that you have never seen before like how Tom does.

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Watch a full season of an anime you're not particularly fond of and then give a review of it while trying not to let your dislike for it influence your criticism on it :p

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Seinfeld the blog.

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