90s X-Men Cartoon: Japanese Intros

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I always loved the US opening and the music is 50x better (minus the "Cry for the moon" line), but man I wish we'd gotten the opening animation for this over here in the States.  The level of violence in these intros makes me shed a tear that I didn't get to wake up and see this every Saturday morning.  Wolverine vs Omega Red was pretty insane and I don't think Jubilee was even remotely as kick ass in the actual show.  The optic blast Cyclops does at the end of JPN2 brought a tear to my eye.  Rather than Thundercats, they should bring back whoever was in charge of these intros and let them do a new series based off of these.
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Whoa, really nice Japanese OPs. This made me wanna watch the whole series again!XD 
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One of my favorite parts on the JP Opening was Cyclops, Wolverine & Jean. That part toll a lot about them
But I still like US opening better, it show case their powers & names, and kind of make more sense
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Wow,I didn't remembered the old original opening being that awesome,it's very good to see it again. 
The two Japanese ones are very good too.
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The Japanese can make almost anything epic.
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I saw here  http://www.watchanimeon.com/spring-2011-anime-season/ that there'll actually be a japanese version of X-Men?o.O What should we expect!=O
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I love this openings, as I had to watch the dubbed version of the original (Were Wolverine is horribly translated to Guepardo (Kind of Jaguar) and Rogue to Titania (Made of Titanium sort of) I really liked both of the openings
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the first japanese opening has cable.that automatically grants it victory,for cable and deadpool is awesome.
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The US opening is still awesome, the Japanese openings are great too.

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My friend and I are huge fans of the X-men cartoon but we both ended up agreeing that if you saw these, watching the show that came afterward would probably be a letdown.
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