Wow Obito you are so... lame!

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Ok so for awhile now, Obito has been looked upon as nearly invincible. he has the mangekyo sharingan, and a rinnegan. He even has this transparent thing he can do so that he doesnt get touched. well funny thing is, in the most recent issue (yes, while I do have a certain dislike for naruto, the abscence of one piece this week made me a zombie reading it) Kakashi is thrown into the other world where Obito likes to keep his stuff. when he phases through the attacks by the kyuubi, Kakashi is able to beat his ass on the other side... after seeing that I have to say... HE IS THE BIGGEST GLASS CANNON OF THE SHOW! I mean come on! Its not like Kakashi has superstrength or anything, yet obitos getting his ass handed to him when he phases through the attacks. Pretty pathetic, no wonder he does that phase thing all the time, HE CANT TANK SH#T FOR DAMANGE XD

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Obito is just a stepping stone. Madara is the one that is dangerous and will be the deadly adversary.

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Not a battle, and the only person who is effective against Obito is Kakashi, so I would say he's still pretty powerful.

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He has been a disappointment ever since he revealed his identity. But really, Kishimoto changed him from the main villain to the #2. Madara was commanding him just as he was commanding Nagato. The real main baddie is Madara now. Also be careful about them Uchiha boys. They are all drama kings. Madara seems to be the exception. I should have known Obito would be somewhat of a let down. And I just have to mention since it isn't a battle it should be in general discussion.
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I don't really see anything wrong about this

It make sense that Tobi (not calling him Obito anymore) is a glass cannon, cause of his powers. If I have that power, I wouldn't need to built up my durability (also what eyes have to do with durability?)

But there other things he is more lame at :)

Here a words from Pekoms about this

Tobi = Caribou :)

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@Destinyheroknight: at this point yes, he is kind of like caribou XD

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To be fair, Kakashi has Obito's eye and that's the only reason he's seemingly turned the tide on him. I'm not counting him out yet. His intangibility is neutralized, but he still all the other Sharingan abilities, the Rinnegan, wood jutsu, and his hand to hand skills are pretty good. If he gets done in by Kakashi now, it's only because Kakashi has been given infinite chakra as long as he does a brofist with the Kyuubi.

I would like to see the two of them going crazy though. Kakashi figured out how to use his Kamui on himself and escape that world. Comic book logic dictates he's close to being an instant Tobi-level expert at using intangibility. I want to see them miking it up and going intangible to a ridiculous degree.

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@Jinbeifan1: Kakashi has his eye dude.

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@Toxin45: that wasnt the point though, the point is that once his intangibility has been neutralized, he cant take crap for damage. kakashi doesnt even have superstrength and he was getting aired out by his punches. if kakashi was smart he would have done a lightning blade to finish him off.

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Well, at lease Tobi is manning up now. By talking back to Madara, but I feel like he is dumb if he sacrifice his life (since he'll be dead and won't see his dumb plan go through)

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He's now the ten-tails jinchuriki which is meaning full since Tobi is a pun for Ten-Tails

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