What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?! EVANGELION Episode #22

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 If only she'd smile more often, now.
 If only she'd smile more often, now.

Man, it’s getting harder to write about the show at this point. I’m simply running out of superlatives to describe how much I’m enjoying it, especially at this point, because every episodes consistently delivering on the action, the character and the intrigue. And boy… Rei’s dead, now, too?! That was an explosive ending if I ever saw one. Nuking all of Tokyo-3 (like that’s not a historically loaded image, either). We’re in the home stretch now, I reckon. 20 odd episodes of build-up and now it’s all pay-off.  Prediction wise…   I'll call it that the Lance of Longinus is going to brought back into the fray at some point. It’s such a cool looking weapon for one, and it can’t just be floating there in orbit for the rest of the show, can it?

Asuka gets her own trippy introspective journey, here, as well as her period (coincidence?). Although, I still like to believe that she also had one in that earlier episode. Some have said that they don’t like her after this episode, but having played on many sports team throughout my life, I have to say I sympathize with the inferiority issues she’s going through. There’s nothing more demoralizing than trying your best and then consistently losing, regardless of your efforts - - especially when you’ve got a teammate who seems to be succeeding so effortlessly wherever you fail. Again, I concur with hitsusatsu11   about this entire series giving three dimensional depth to all its characters.

Actually, there’s something that’s been bugging me… is Asuka supposed to be half-Japanese? Because I’ve never encountered a fraulein named Asuka.   “Aska” definitely sound Germanic, minus the “u” (which is somehow silent) and Langley definitely is, but Asuka Soryu doesn’t look the least bit German.  I’m sure   ReVolutionOfEvangelion has an explanation.

Geez… Kaji’s dead (and I’m already missing the dude). Rei’s dead. This is starting to sound like 10 Little Indians. I suppose Nerv will have to listen to that Eva Pilot Recruitment drive being held in the forums.

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@Tom_Pinchuk: From what i gathered from the show she is half Japanese half German, from other sources (guide books) I believe she is also an American citizen. 
Soryu is a Japanese aircraft carrier from WW2, her rebuild name Shikinami is a WW2 destroyer 
Anno has used Japanese naval boat names for many of his characters-Ayanami, Akagi, Katsuragi all WW2 imperial navy ships. 
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I did say that things were going to start getting heavy. Not to mention the religious iconography went through the roof with the use of the "Lance of Longinus".
I believe Asuka is suppose to be half American and half Japanese, but was born and raised in Germany. Her step mother I believe is German. Asuka is very much a Japanese name. I suspect the "Langley Soryu" is suppose to be similar to a hyphenated last name, "Langley-Soryu". Using both her mother and father's family names.  The name Soryu is from a Japanese aircraft carrier that served during WWII. 
Oddly enough, the name Langley comes from an American aircraft carrier. Which is part of the reason why I suspect she's also American in her heritage.
I can also sympathize with putting forth a lot of effort that ends in failures. I've been shot down by plenty of women. (rim shot) Seriously, though. I played football in high school in my senior year. We had a flawless victory record for most of the regular season. It was amazing. Turned out that due to a rather minor grade eligibility issue with some people who played in the last few minutes of the games we were already winning. For every game they played in, the school principle forced us to declare those victories forfeit.
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i keep seeing these posts....and i can't wait till you get to the last episode....everyone including myself say what the f@#$ did i just see...you are gonna have to title it " what the f@#$ did i just see evangelion 26....no really what the f@#$."
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Asuka's mom is half Japanese, she was raised in Germany. And regarding her depression, she has always been someone whose motto is 'losing is not an option', so at the very first failure she gets frustrated. Losing equals weakness for her.
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...did you watch episodes 22 *and* 23?  Rei saves the day in this episode, Tokyo-3 didn't explode, and Rei didn't die.  A lot of explosions happen in episode 23, but not here...not that I fault you for thinking its so good you need to see the next one, but this is supposed to be one at a time... 
How is this "the episode that drops the nuke"?  This is the episode "where Asuka goes crazy and stuff"
once again, I must stress to watch the Director's Cut versions, with the new scenes, particularly for Asuka, that made even the most hardcore anti-Asuka fanboy melt.
Specifically:  we see a flashback showing that when she tried to kiss Shinji in episode 15, and he wouldn't kiss her back, her whole running away and wretching thing was just an act:  she actually ran into her room and as soon as the door was closed, started crying uncontrollably.  During her mental hallucination scenes, she sees a vision of Shinji and even angrily shouts, "You won't even hold me!"...and they show the flashback, but also a montage of all of the times in the series that Asuka desperately tries to grab Shinji's attention and he's too introverted to respond; i.e. episode 10, when wearing a revealing bathing suit provoked no reaction from him, etc.
So the deleted scenes make it more clear that Asuka is actually romantically attracted to Shinji, but has absolutely no idea of how to express this other than to yell at him, because her childhood trauma has left her inter-personal skills stunted.  You need to watch these scenes to know why characters behave as they do later.
The Lance of Longinus was introduced way back in episode 12, actually.  ***a key point is that the final TV episode is a clip show, and doesn't mention the Lance of Longinus at all.  but the finale movie, the aptly named "The End of Evangelion" -- DOES have it, and is yet another piece of evidence that "All of the plotlines were obviously leading up to more or less the ending we saw in End of Eva, the TV ending could not have been intentional"
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Asuka is only a quarter Japanese, not a half.  
You see, most characters in Evangelion are named after World War II military vessels (in Shinji's case, parts of a ship).
I.e. "Akagi" and "Soryu" were two Japanese aircraft carriers that led the assault on Pearl Harbor and were sunk at Midway.
However, Asuka presents a special case, because she is mostly German:  so they ingeniously said they'd give her a double-surname, and the other would be "Langley" after an American aircraft carrier. 
 Also, if you notice, her name is in fact not "Langley-Soryu" hyphenated.
if you pay attention to the lettering on documents on-screen, her name in the original series is "Soryu Asuka Langley".  You see Japanese surnames go first ("Ikari Shinji"), but Asuka has two surnames, one Japanese, one European.  So they ingeniously said "lets put the Japanese one first, and the Western one last".  Notice how in episode 8 when she writers her name on the chalkboard, it is in this order. 
No here is the *official* breakdown of Asuka's ethnicity:
Her mother is half-German, half-Japanese (her name *was* "Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu" you can kind of tell),  while her father is listed simply as "American"
...that's not an "Ethnicity" but a "Nationality".  Gainax didn't really get that.  so we have no idea what ethnicity her father was, but it is *reasonable to assume* that he was European.
Asuka was born in Germany, raised in Germany, spent her whole life in Germany, speaks German as her native language, and for all intents and purposes, considers herself simply "German".  In episode 8, she even speaks of "The Japanese" as a culture alien to herself.  
Due to USA naturalization law, because Asuka's father is an American citizen, she technically holds United States citizenship as well.  but really, she's "German"
This is actually a common trope from many anime series:  someone is "part Japanese" as a conceit to explain why they have a "normal sounding" Japanese name.  
Fun fact:  Hideaki Anno actually said years later, that his own mental conception of what Asuka looks like in real life, is very close to Emma Watson....that is, when  Watson was 14 years old (around Harry Potter 3 ) - so Watson couldn't play Asuka in a live-action film, she aged in different ways and even if they used older actors she may no longer match it, etc.  But if you were to use a "14 year old Asuka" its close to Emma Watson's appearance (perhaps not voice) in Prisoner of Azkhaban.  This is further proof that even to Hideaki Anno, Asuka doesn't look "biracial" or anything;  he thinks she could be played by a purely European actress.
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This is one of the most climactic intriguing in depth episodes. After the previous episodes tragedy with kaji we now are treated now to an in depth look at Asuka's past, and how it effects here emotions. What a tragic past little Asuka had, having an insane mother who treated a doll like her daughter, then witnessing her mother kill herself. But trust me he concept of Asuka's mother is not completely over yet, so don't put it out of your mind.  
The way Asuka interacts with Shinji reveal a lot about her true mentality, like when he answers the phone and she insults him but he brushes it off and she says "Damn him, I hate he way he ignores me" We can see things finally start getting to Asuka, her not wanting to bathe in the same water or even breathing the same air as Shinji and Misato, we can just tell she's headed for a mental collapse. I find it hilarious when she's ranting about hating shinji and misato and life that she has to add "And I hate that first child bitch Rei" Like Rei every did anything to her. It shows that Asuka has a deep ceded inferiority complex, and take others success as a personal threat/insult. Then of course, her synch ratio falls, compounding the problem.  
Misato's comeback to Ritsuko is hillarious "At least i don't fill the void in my life with cats" LMAO, way to break the mounting tension, at least for a brief moment. Note to more Freudian tones when Asuka complains about being a woman and having her period. Then the infamous elevator scene, where Asuka snaps on Rei and slapped her. Its interesting to see Rei say she is not a doll, but then say she would kill herself if ordered to. All in all I think Rei should have slapped some sense into Asuka at this point-maybe it would have straightened Asuka out. Note how Asuka calls the Eva her doll, similar to what her mother did when Asuka was young.  
Another great line is when Asuka launches against orders and Ritsuko says "If she screws this up that bitch won't be piloting anymore" The characters are really saying everything thats on their mind and holding nothing back now, as crunch time approaches. Then Asuka engages the angel and the mind rape begins, love the classical music playing during this. Asuka freaks out at even the prospect of someone seeing her as she truly is, so this is an especially traumatic experience. But still as Asuka says shed "Rather die than admit defeat". And she faces her terrible trauma head on. Note that Shinji and 01 were not sent out here to help Asuka, it is important. Asuka walking backwards on the tracks, then turning around and being trampled in her "vision" is very symbolic. Now Rei saving Asuka from the angel Arael is the worst possible thing for her pride and mental state, well have to wait and see how this effects her. 
Overall great episode, and if you liked this one the next one will not disappoint. 
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You're going to watch End of Eva after you finish the episodes right?
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