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 Seems like I came to the right place to get a few questions answered. 
With the evas, i thought units 00 - 05 were different from the mass produced ones as they used dummy plugs of Rei, and the mass produced evas used dummy plugs from the last angel. Correct?
Unit 00 is unique in respect to the 3 main evas in that it itself has no soul in it. Correct?
Unit 01 has the whole of Yui's soul (save teh part in Rei) as she was fully absorbed in the activation trial (as was Shinji when he achieved 400% synch ratio). Correct?
 The part in Rei was actualy recovered int eh rescue operation (hence them saying it was only partialy sucessful when they try the same technique on the traped Shinji). Correct?
Unit 02 has half of Asuka's mothers soul (the spliting of which drove her insane) which provides her AT field (Shinjis is generated by Yui and Reis by Rei herself who i think is part Lillith, though i could be wrong. Think when the other AT field appears in the last encounter with the last angel). correct?
As stated in the privous question, Rei is a clone of both human and Lillith (i know she has part of Yuis soul). Correct?
While Eva Units 00 and 02 as well as the others, are clones of Adam, Unit 01 is a clone of Lillith. Hear me out as this is the hardest to understand. Look at the facts. Unit 01 was needed for third impact with Lillith, not Adam (although another eva surly could have done it with Adam). Unit 01 is also markedly different to the other evas in that it goes bizerker a lot more often. Its more human, has more feelings and emotions. I know this one cant really be proved either way, but is it plausable?
The lance is actualy Lilliths, not Adams. It was found seperated from both, so could belong to either, but it doesnt cause an explosion when in contact with Lillith. If it was Adams, having his hand blown off whenever he tried to touch it would be a big disadvantage in battle. A seperate one still needs to be found for Adam, as does his egg. Plausable?
Lillith does not come from Adam and he does not come from her. They were created at the same time. Again, it explains why Adam spawned single entities with protective AT fields, while Lillith spawned multipul entities with deviding AT fields. It also explains the eggs and some of the cloning stuff i have sugested.  Plausable?
Blast away. I dont mind if you tare down my theories but some reasons would be nice with refs to definate answers if you could (i have the series on dvd and have End of Eva as well so just say an episode number and that will do. I am afriad things Gendo states and things Ritsuko says wont be adiquate as they lie an aweful lot).
thanks for your help!
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-actually Dummy plugs are compilation of combat data, the prototype is rei's combat data 
- it has ritsuko's mom soul in it (the moment it went berserk, forgot which episodes and when ritsuko mom commits suicide, by falling over it)
-correct (the body is however made of adam)
-unknown, theories have said rei is cloned directly from yui, and from the activation trial some of yui's soul got into rei
-AT field appears by using the pilot wills themselves, the souls were just for easy control, as of 2.0 it's not known whose soul is in 02
-Unit 01 is adam rather than a clone, see the silhouette, that is why adam +lilith = instrumentality, lilith is still sealed in dogma terminal , however the theory is plausible assuming the one in Dogma is false
-plausible, the lance can also be humanity's creation
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Thank you. Certainly cleared a few things up. When i guessed about Asukas mother in Unit 02, i was thinking of End of Eva, where Asuka is able to generate an AT field when she realises its to do with her mother (protecting her). I therefore assumed that her mother suffered a similar incident to Yui.
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@AlbionsAngel: no her mother commit suicide, yui's was an accident of some sort
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- dummy plugs MP evas use kawaru's data, like nerve's use rei's 
-unit 1 has yuy's soul 
-unit 2 has kyoko (asukas mothers soul) in it 
-rei is cloned from yuy's dna and has the soul of lilith 
-lance i believe is infact adams lance, it was recovered from antartica 
-unclear really which if any soul is in 00, possibly part of liliths 
-according to data books the "great progenitor race" spawns adam and lithith, adam spawns angel like being, lilith spawns humans, the two were never meant to land on the same planet. Make of that what you will.
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  1. Yes, they use Kaworu's dummy plugs 
  2. Unknown, some people say it doesn't have a soul and others have the thory that it contains the soul of Rei 1, the first clone of Rei Ayanami. 
  3. Correct
  4. Correct
  5. Yes, Unit 02 has Asuka's mothers soul, some even theorize that it was her who was manipulating the Eva during the battle against the MP Evas in EoE. 
  6. Unknown, there are many theories about her, I personally believe she's a phisical clone of Yui because of her resemblance and has Lilith's soul
  7. You can't really tell, like I said there are theories that say Eva 02 was in berserk mode and under Kyoko's control during the battle against the MP Evas, also shows emotion in that it doesn't let Asuka pilot it when she's emotionally damaged, but that doesn't necessarily means it's clone of Lilith. Same deal with Unit 01.
  8.  The Spear belongs to Adam, Lillith's was destroyed during the first impact.
  9. They're separate entities, they were never one. Lilith was a Seed of Life that collided with earth accidentaly, Adam (another seed of life) was already on earth and no two seeds can be on the same planet, thus it caused the first impact and the creation of both Angels and humans.
Also, nice thread, this site was in need o serious Eva talk. 
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Thanks guys. Great help. Cant wait for Eva live action when its out. Hopefully they havent cancled it and it will be used to explain some of this stuff.
A question everyone want to know the asnwer to but noone can is where the hell have all teh angels been hiding! If they were created during first impact (which i though was the meteor that caused the KT incident 65 million years ago but hey, even i can be amazingly wrong at times) then they must have been on or near earth all the time. Why didnt we find them. They cant all have been embrionic can they? Never mind, its not important. 
Peicing together all your answers gives me a good average answer to work on. Thanks.
If anyone disagrees with the answers posted, say so and we will have a debate about it. Why not?
And if anyone else has questions, go ahead and use this post. Its here for everyone after all!
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@AlbionsAngel: man if there is a live action eva movie it will be terrible, watch rebuild it hopefully will tie up some loose ends
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@AlbionsAngel:  probably inactive (they can either be at first impact or second) adam only provoke the second impact, so all the angels must have died from that
@hitsusatsu11 said:
" @AlbionsAngel: man if there is a live action eva movie it will be terrible, watch rebuild it hopefully will tie up some loose ends "
actually the CG look pretty nice
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They gave the script to the company that did LOTR so thigs would be good. Besides, they have been turning away some prety big names and have a huge budget. I reckon they will do a good job, if they ever get round to start filming.
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A live-action Eva would suck not because of the special effects but because they would rape the story in order to make it more accessible to the American market, like they did with DB Evolution, they would change everything from the age and nationality of the characters to the place it takes place (New York 3, Los Angeles 3 or some crap like that), it would suck monumental ass.  
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Not to even start mentioning casting.


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