What P!sses me off about Naruto!!!!

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Im not going to go into the fact he is a ninja that wears bright orange 0_o. It,s not even the fact that he shouts everywhere he goes….Or that he always manages to turn his enemy into his friends with words about how painful his little emo life was. No it is how he treats the woman that just admitted she loved him and saved him from death, only to have the sh!t kicked out of her…So lets get this right Hinata jumps into a fight where she is obviously over powered to save the little turds ass. And after all the fighting and the saving of lives he comes back and ignores her. I mean wtf now as you can guess im not the biggest Naruto fan and but I like the characters bar dumbto. Hinata has gone and laid her heart out only to be ignored, I mean that was a hell of a thing she did to step in like that and save him and NO ONE has mentioned it. Im sorry am I the only person that thinks that the writing in Naruto is BS at the moment…. From chapter 138 up to recent its just been weak. Sorry about the rant but I just mean come on will someone please step in and smack this non big mouth ninja around for the good of all ninjas!

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Comparing Naruto to a real Ninja, is like comparing Edward Cullen to Alucard, we all know ALucard/Dracula is the most awesome.

If you want a manly ninja, watch Sengoku Basara, the Ninja, Sasuke, is lightly based off of the real one in feudal japan, and he is not emo-tastic,unlike the one in Naruto, so check it out.
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 After a 2 min talk with Nagato he gets him to kill himself in the name of peace and love. Lets just pretend that a man who dedicated his life to a goal was talked in the martyring him self after a 2 min talk with a Blond 16 year old. Then when he meets Sasuke who he's been whining about the whole series and when they finely meet his master plan is to punch him, which will remind him off what a good person he is or they'll kill each othe and that solves everything some how. or how a really hot shy chick (hinata) confess her love for him, gets stabbed for doing it and to thank her, he ignores her. ya thats my issue
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@WarlordNWN: @Little_Sparrow: @Cogito:
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Naruto believes everyone can change. If someone as sick as Gaara changed, he can change anyone. He proved it by changing Nagato. 
 Real ninjas wore any color and clothes in order to achieve their goals. I see you think Ninjas only use Black clothes, mask and all them weapons. No. That was their night stealth uniform and was only worn if it was necessary to conceal their identity in dangerous night missions.
In the day they needed to blend so they were dressed just like anyone. If they needed to kill during the day they waited for the perfect moment to do so. They were mostly dressed as monks or beggars.

Who's stupid enough to walk around dressed in black wearing a mask in plain day light? They would of known the person was up to something.

Another thing, I also thought: "I can wait till they meet and talk about it." But right now you seem to forgot that Konoha has been destroyed. There's no time to talk about love when they are in the verge of having a world war.

 Remember that first Naruto was too hurt so he had to heal his injuries and by the time he healed he heard that the reason he have gone through all the training and he has dedicated to the last three years had been place as a missing-nin by Danzo… Sasuke.

I mean, I personally agree. I would of run to Hinata straight forward after the hospital "To hell with Sasuke, I got a girlfriend!" But Naruto cares a lot about Sasuke who he considers a brother.

The lines he said to Sasuke where something along these lines:

Sasuke: "Why Naruto. Why would you come so far for me?"

Naruto: "Because this is the first time I had a bond like this. That’s why I've come to take you home. Even if I have to break every bone in your body and drag you; Im taking you home!"

So you know he cares for Sasuke and there was no time for love. Not to mention... Hinata have been stalking Naruto since they were little is not like she's quitting on him any time soon -__-

So Naruto had to act quick and do something about the fact that Sasuke was in danger and even if Naruto caught him when he brought Sasuke back they would lock him up or worse. Death.

Another thing in Japan (Before the western influence) the romantic gestures towards a woman (In many places) were or are kept to private. Men wouldn't kiss a woman in public or hold hands or anything like that. (Specially not around the parents or familiars) In fact still to this day women are very shy to kissing in crowded areas.

Remember this other thing: The reason why Hinata even dared to tell Naruto that she was in love with him was because she thought Naruto was going to die.

Also she thought Pain was going to kill her after confessing so she went like: Oh what the heck” and went.

Knowing as shy as Hinata is she wont go to Naruto alone. She'll probably faint 50 times or go into cardiac arrest when she see him coming alone towards her now that she confessed that. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Naruto is walking towards me alone! What do I do? What do I do, What do I--" *Heart stops* "GEE!" *Thud* [RIP Hinata]

But really give it time
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Naruto is never going to show any interest in a female.  That's how this shounen stuff works.  The closest you'll get is a FMA type of thing where the final episode jumps like 10 years into the future and we see Naruto and his wife with kids.  That's the only confirmation we'll ever have that he was ever attracted to females at all. 
"  Im sorry am I the only person that thinks that the writing in Naruto is BS at the moment…. From chapter 138 up to recent its just been weak. "
Naruto isn't for you if you feel like the past 400 chapters have been weak.  Maybe you just love to hate it since I can't think of any reason why someone would read an additional 400 chapters of a manga they though was weak.
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@sickVisionz:  you did see how long ago I posted this blog!!! it was a year ago now in fact over a year, Naruto has once again become good IMO. Reactions are always going to change for a manga, really look at Bleach, its gone down hill but Im sure it will pick up again at some point, just because I said Naruto was bad a year and two months ago does not mean I still think that. In fact I started another thread about six months ago stating that it was picking up again. I have no idea why this was brought to life once more... 
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Because reading 348 chapters of something you hate is radically different than reading 400 chapters of something you hate...
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Naruto is pretty cool
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@hitsusatsu11: I guess  hes  cool the way he wont back down but theirs stupid moments not  as much anymore  I would say older  naruto is more mature.
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@godeater:  O, I meant the show in general is cool. The character Naruto is ok to I guess, but he can really annoy me sometime.
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@hitsusatsu11: ah okay true the show is good
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@sickVisionz: where did I actually say I hate it, I think it's rather strange that is what you are focusing on,  I have stated many times in the forums that I read Naturo for the side characters, Just because I read 348 chapters really does not mean anything, I also said in the blog that this is a rant, a reaction at the time I posted this!! Yes I think that some things in Naruto are strange and yes I get annoyed with it, as do most fans when reading manga!!! thats just common sense, and sure there may be a whole story arc that you hate, but why drop something when you have been reading it since day one, that seems a little more silly a fan will stick with something even when it is bad in hopes of it getting better, I guess thats what I did. Might seems silly to you but hey thats you not me! 
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@Morita_Shunsuke:  I hope your right, but if i was naruto the first think id do would be to talk to Hinata. Of course the manga has gone a NarutoxSakura direction.
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