So what happened to the Byakugan?

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The Byakugan also known as one of the 3 legendary eye Techniques. Remember the Byakugan before it got out shined by the Sharingan and Rinnegan? In part 1 of naruto we were led to believe the Byakugan was superior to the Sharingan if not on the same page as it. But now in Shippūden its like the Byakugan and the hyuga family don't matter anymore. Its nowhere near as hax as the Sharigan and the Rinnegan especially the Sharigan ITS RIDICULOUS. The Sharingan has Izanagi, Susanoo, the power to copy jutsu, Kamui, Amaterasu, and many other over powered techniques. Do you feel the same I do if so explain, if not what are your thoughts?

Sorry I just had to more this to the right fourm

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meh to me the Byakuygan, despite what Neji claims is the weakest of the three eye techniques 
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Well, the basic byakuygan is a way better than the basic sharingan as it gives you x-ray vision,360 degress vison, and long range sight, while the sharingan would give you minimaly precog at it's awakend 3rd level, and you could follow up attacks and technics easy, but byakuygan just stinks vs the MS, but MS is not regural sharingan and rare as you have to kill your best firend to get it and lose your eysight over the time, so pretty muc any normal not-power hungry guy with morals couldn't get it. So yes a basic byakuygan user beats the shit out of a basic sharingan user, but if the guy has MS you can put your byakuygan into your ass that is about to be kicked.
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