If the war is divided by two, where is Saskue hearding?

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I just thought about this, because the five Kages are fight edo Madara, Naruto and Bee are fighting "Tobi"

So it makes things interesting about how is Saskue's part is going to be. Head to the leaf? or Bump in to his brother while he's after Kabuto?

edit: (Oops, heading*, not "hearding")

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Personally, I want to see Kabuto and Sasuke fight each other. Both of them were Orochimaru's apprentice but Sasuke turned against him while Kabuto idolized him to the end. The fans of Orochimaru deserve to see this battle onscreen, unlike Anko vs Kabuto which was another Orochimaru apprentice vs apprentice fight but it took place entirely offscreen.

It would be pretty sweet to see Sasuke join with zombie Madara for an Uchiha throwdown/massacre though.

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It would be very interesting to see Madara, Tobi, Itachi, and Sasuke meet each other. Madara, the all time greatest Uchiha, Tobi the most mysterious and potentially greatest Uchiha (assuming that he is an Uchiha), Itachi, the greatest Uchiha in the current time- line, and Sasuke who cold rival Itachi since Tobi gave him Itachi's eyes. I'm thinking Sasuke might defect at the last minute and finally turn to the light. But right now he seems not needed. Tobi has Kabuto as a partner now and Naruto has Bee. Really, Sasuke could turn out on either side.
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@taichokage: I see but, you never know. I mean after a victory, the chapter jumped right over to Saskue with his new abilities. Besides isn't Kabuto at the same area that Saskue's in

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