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Naruto #597 - The Secret of Space-Time Ninjutsu

The rumor mills will be running wild with this one.
The rumor mills will be running wild with this one.

In a Nutshell

Kakashi is able to deduce that his and Tobi's space-time jutsu are connected to the same dimension, explaining why the attacks he sent there were able to affect Tobi despite him being intangible at the moment. Queue "Tobi = Obito" fangirls screaming at the prospect of why these two might have connected ocular abilities.

High Points

  • More insight about Tobi's abilities.
  • Woo hoo, color pages!
  • A mini poster with Naruto throughout the ages.

Low Points

  • Raises more questions than it answers.
  • More monologues about Tobi's grand plan and how people suck and life is unfair and blah blah blah.

Rants and Raves

The big thing here is that it's getting hard to ignore the Tobi and Obito connection. At worst, the only argument to be made against Tobi being Obito is that Tobi somehow got Obito's eye and then started stalking Kakashi around while plotting to destroy the world, which sounds kinda stupid, although the alternative is that Obito was actually alive all was just chillin' in the cut, secretly stalking Kakashi around all of this time despite the two becoming friends before his "death". The one question that always puzzled me about the Tobito theory, why goody goody Obito turned psycho and decided to wage war against the world, was answered as well.


This chapter was a B+. Lame monologues brought it down from being a solid A for me.

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If Tobi actually is Obito it would take a WHOLE lot of convincing for me to believe he survived and would go through all this for...?

Although, Kakashi and Obito sharing the same dimension is pretty cool. Certainly a plot twist that I did not expect. It would be funny if all Sharigan eyes shared the same dimension. Interdimensional travel through sharingan eyes and all. The Uchiha should have capitalized on that one.

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If Tobi was Obito, I would be so disappointed. (it would be a better twist if it was Rin with the other eye)

The only thing I was disappointed in is that they spend to much time explaining Tobi's power. (They in the main of a battle)

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battle of kanabi bridge, hero of the sharingan

yea, duders look these terms up, it all pretty much confirms the dude is obito

Post by SSJjanemba (2,557 posts) See mini bio Level 11

maybe its the sage of six paths or whatever his name is

Post by Halberdierv2 (1,303 posts) See mini bio Level 17

now this has me interested. I'm still thinking of the possibility that Tobi could be a clone of Madara Uchiha.

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TOBITO made me giggle real good!

@SSJjanemba said:

maybe its the sage of six paths or whatever his name is

That's just silly and you should already know why.

@mrfluke said:

battle of kanabi bridge, hero of the sharingan

yea, duders look these terms up, it all pretty much confirms the dude is obito

It's Manga dude, it doesn't confirm shit! There is always someone who is the obvious player and then the one guy laying dormant that we all missed or wasn't really killed although we saw them die. While it all makes sense since the right eye was smashed by a rock we still don't know what tobi's face looks like without his mask so there is no proof there is some smashface under the mask. His head looks perfectly symmetrical under the mask but then again Kabuto may have shown Obito's body to Tobi when he was showing ninja's he had available for his edo tensei jutsu. All speculation!

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I think that it has to be Obito. Tobi had that massive collection of Uchiha eyes. I don't see the how or why Tobi would have gotten so attached to the completely smashed baby eye of Obito and use it so much that he took it up to MS level when he could have used any of the more advanced eyes in his collection. If Tobi is Obito, I can see him sticking with his own eye. I also don't see why anyone other than Obito would have any interest in using his half smashed baby Uchiha body. But then again I'm applying adult logic to something that's pretty juvenile. Anything could go.
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I KNEW IT!! I knew that there was a connection between Tobi and Obito....this is getting very interesting. I cant wait for the Tobi origin story! XD

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