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Naruto #599 - Obito Uchiha

Things done changed...
Things done changed...

In a Nutshell

A near dialog-less about the many failings of Obito Uchiha with the reveal that he is indeed the person known as Tobi.

High Points

  • The cat is out of the bag.
  • The birth of the Kakashi vs. Gai

Low Points

  • No dialog combined with the art just not being at a level to really sell that.

Rants and Raves

While I was "reading" this chapter, I found myself let down not so much by the lack of dialog, but by how utterly uninteresting this all was. The thing is though, this should have been awesome. The birth of Gai and Kakashi's rivalry. Obito's struggle to get better. All of this could have made for great drama but its execution just wasn't there. I think that a chapter primarily based around drama really has to sell the emotions and the art needs to get that across and in this chapter, it just couldn't draw me in. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be juvenile. The execution of it felt juvenile. Chapters like this remind me that while there are things that an adult can enjoy about Naruto, it is primarily aimed at children and young teens and the level of storytelling is essentially going to be locked at a Goosebumps or Diary of a Wimpy Kid level.

It also doesn't help that the title and first frame of the chapter totally spoils who Tobi is yet at the end, Tobi = Obito is presented as a big shocker. Additionally, I'm cynically interested in knowing the connection between Obito and Kisame. My memory may be a little off but I recall Tobi removing his mask in front of Kisame and him being shocked to discover that underneath the mask was a person he knew. It couldn't have been, "oh, you're that kid that got his ass beat by Gai in the woods!"

Despite being down on this chapter, I have a lot of anticipation in seeing this animated. Animation directors and storyboard artists usually get the most praise for their action sequences, but one benefit of having an amazing duo on an episode is thateverything gets filtered through their abilities of lightning, camera placement, mise-en-scene, and camera motion and the entire episode benefits from this. Obviously fights and things requiring lots of action and motion benefit the most, but episodes like Naruto coping with Jiraiya's death and the Kyuubi's words to Naruto during his battle against Pain are good examples of what these talents can bring even to scenes that are nothing but dialog. I would love to see that level of craftsmanship applied to the content within this chapter.


I'll have to give this chapter a C+. While I applaud the author for doing something different and telling a story without using dialog, I thought the execution of it was lackluster.

William Taylor is definitely a person and, rest assured, he does stuff in places as well. Unlock the mystery on Twitter @mrsickvisionz.

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Last time I going to be overthinking about Naruto, it just disappearing

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I actually like the presentation of the chapter.

It was a good time for Kishimoto to be dramatic and experimental without all the exposition that usually comes with these types of events. I'm worried the anime might try to make this into a whole episode or two though.

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so is Obito and Tobi's wiki page gonna be combined in the future?

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First it was Madara ≠ Tobi, and now Tobi = Obito. Man, the wiki pages are gonna be a mess for some time

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I wanna troll, but I won't.

What this really recedes to for me is, this makes the main plot now, what does Sasuke choose to do?

It brings us back, in power terms, to Orochimaru and his immortality, the 'Goodies' and Sasuke's group deciding the future of the ninja world. Which I really enjoyed before when Sasuke fought Bee and so on.

I don't know whats gonna happen!

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Well the reveal to me was just like eh..didnt we all suspect this 3 years ago? i thought it wouldnt be the obvious answer. but i actually think that zetzu and obito met first before kisame and obito. thats probably who saved his life. also he had that white guey stuff as an arm when he fought the 4th so. plus the author said madara and the masked man knew eachother maybe a distant relative? so many questions not to metion he is pissed at kakashi for not protecting rin he was in love with her which explains the "what would a man like you who constantly lives in regret" and "a world where heros dnt have to stand by graves makin excuses" comment

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So, basically Tobi is Red Hood

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@Lurkero: I like it in theory, just not in execution. But then, I've never been that big of a fan of the artwork in the Naruto manga.

I doubt the anime will stretch this for two episodes, but like in the article, I'm interested in seeing what they do with it. If they don't half ass and actually put their a-team on it, it could be really interesting.

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I hated this chapter. Kishi always gives all the crapy villains flashbacks that last a week or two, with complicated stories about why are they so bad and how did they get to where they are right now, and then for the MAIN villain (not counting Sasuke) of the series he went with this. A non talked flashback about how Obito was a loser back in the days and the envy he felt over Kakashi and all that crap. I mean... I like the story, it looks great to see young versions of characters like Gai and the begining of the rivality between him and Kakashi but... c'mon! HE IS THE MAIN VILLAIN! HE DESERVES MORE THAN THAT.

I only hope Kishi gives him another flashback in the next chapters.

Sorry for the bad english, it's not my first language

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And also, that being said, I loved that Obito is Tobi. It was obvious and all, but I've always felt it was the best explanation

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@Destinyheroknight: Best comment ever XD Expect Red Hood eventually turns into a awesome badass. This is just going to end weak probably with Tobi/Obito dying and his last breath forgiving and thanking Kakashi.

I hated the no dialogue flash back at first I thought I was reading a copy that was wrong or something then I realize it was on purpose :P

It was obvious Tobi was Obito hell just look at the names T-O-B-I and O-B-I-T-O he just removed an O and change the letters around a little. Omg it so mysterious it was a damn anagram. :P

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I actually really liked this chapter. I think the fact that there was no dialogue added to the drama as one of the previous comments stated. Cant wait for the episode corresponding to this chapter will come out...I'm interested to see what OST track they'll use :P

I'm also interested to see what made Obito become Tobi.

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And the fans go wild! Hahaha, I knew it all along, nice chapter, no dialog was not too bad for me as I see what Kishimoto was going for, I always thought of it as a quick flash of past events, kind like when you get a nostalgic feeling from something you see, smell, or taste. On a side note did anyone else see Hayate? I miss that guy... I wonder if we are ever going to touch upon Yugo's plan on revenge, that would make for an interesting side plot, she is trying to get revenge on Baki. Then again that would be hard since they are in the middle of a war and the Sand is on their side now.

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I won 50 bucks... Thanks Kishi!

So it all goes down to Tobi being jealous of Kakashi. Is like he was the Anti-Naruto

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it's going to be interesting how they explain the mantra of tobi since obito isn't possibly the same person who tussled with minato and released kurama on the hidden leaf originally that was someone completely different. I expect the sage of the 6 paths to be the main villain of this story. It's pretty obvious

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@Om1kron said:

I expect the sage of the 6 paths to be the main villain of this story. It's pretty obvious

Explain that one.

@UsachanMaN said:

Cant wait for the episode corresponding to this chapter will come out...I'm interested to see what OST track they'll use

$10 bucks says this one

@tximinoman said:


There's no doubting that this is not the last flashback we'll see. They haven't explained anything about the Tobi phase of his life. All we've seen so far is the part of his life that mirror's Naruto: him being a loser ninja with a heart of gold in love with a girl who didn't like him and partnered up with a cold and calculating rival who's really just misunderstood. We haven't seen any of the parts where things switch up and Obito's path mirrors Sasuke's yet and I've got no doubt that it's coming eventually.

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@sickVisionz said:

@Om1kron said:

I expect the sage of the 6 paths to be the main villain of this story. It's pretty obvious

Explain that one.

Well there going to have to fill in that gaping plot hole of obito being 14 years old and controlling kurama while looking like a grown man... I expect some kind of back door clan story to come out of kishimoto's ass! since the uchiha were all killed off early on in the story he can pretty much just make up their history as it goes. Someone probably running some anbu like op similar to danzo's within the uchiha that nobody knew about and forgot to mention this whole time and takes on the identity of toby. Again way too much stupid speculation but the sage of six paths is the father to all of the ninja powers and uchiha are pretty much direct descendants and what not. I dunno like I said it's obvious that something so ridiculous that people couldn't of predicted it is bound to happen to slap everyone who thought they knew what was going to happen right in the mouth.  
I didn't mean it was obvious in the sense I have the fanboi knowledge to back it up, it was more "it's a serialized manga full of people that have superpowers and stuff is just made up on a weekly basis" type of obvious something dumb is going to conclude everything. 
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it just doesn't make sense

Why would he suddenly turn evil when he used to be a good guy and how on earth did he get into this kind of state dang it kishi explain

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I don't like this plot development where Obito, a hero who sacrificed himself became the villain. Oh well, I caught up to Naruto because of all the excitement over Tobi or fake Mandara's identity. I was pretty shock that it was Obito, but I don't want to believe it. It could be some guy who took Obito's Sharingan.

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