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So, you're saying that I shouldn't...'Believe It'?
So, you're saying that I shouldn't...'Believe It'?

The Shinobi Alliance comes to Naruto's aide just as the Ten-Tails is revived and Team Kakashi goes on the counter attack. It's battle of brains, power, and brawn. Who's going to come out on top, and who's going to get blown to tiny bits by a beast of legend.

The Good

The Ten-Tails is the final evolution of Bulbasaur.
The Ten-Tails is the final evolution of Bulbasaur.

As amazing as it is to see pretty much every named character in the alliance behind our protagonist just as the fight reaches its climax. I just can't get it around my head that NARUTO will be continuing after this arc. You have all four nations literally uniting together under one goal, you had an army of the greatest shinobi that ever lived, and Naruto is up against the masterminds behind the death of his parents and the biggest bads the Shinobi World has ever seen, Madara Uchiha and the Ten-Tailed Beast.

Don't go digging a grave just yet.
Don't go digging a grave just yet.

Despite all the flourish and grandeur of the all the justu that go flying that are aimed at imprisoning the Ten-Tails. The highlight for me was in Ch. 613 where Shikakustands firm as he delivers the plan to win this battle for the good guys. Even while facing an impending death. However. I still think Ino's tears are a bit premature. Especially when you look at just how hard it is to kill a character in a Shonen Jump series. Just look at Byakuya Kuchiki. Though, maybe that have more to do with popularity rankings. Shikamaru may be screwed out of his literal father figure this time.

The Bad

It's going to end eventually, guys.
It's going to end eventually, guys.

This Shinobi World War arc has been a wild ride that's pretty fun. Though, I think Kishimoto may be shooting himself in the foot with this one. He's pretty much summed up every loose threat the series has ever had. There's not much left to learn, and an emo-final battle between Naruto and Sasukedoesn't sound incredibly appealing. I just get this feeling that the arc is going to wind up like the Fake Karakura Town arc in BLEACH. People will end up feeling as if it should've ended here. I certainly wouldn't mind being wrong about that. I would like to see more Samui - - figuratively and literally.

Verdict 5/5

I'm sure he wont be eating those words next week.
I'm sure he wont be eating those words next week.

Ultimately, my concerns with the arc as a whole aren't related to these chapters. These past two have been pretty great. I think the scenes, art, and revelations more than make up for anything that can hold it back. They certainly aren't skimping on the action. I look forward to seeing the outcome of Shikaku's plan next week. Do you all believe he's really dead?

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I had completely forgotten about that Sasuke fight that will happen at the end. They're going to have to go balls out for that fight because this fight was pretty epic.

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That caption summarizes Naruto so well. I bet he still believes Sasuke is his friend.

I do hope that Naruto becomes something different after this. There should be a concluding arc and then let these characters go. Perhaps a series that takes place a few centuries later would be in order.

I do want to know how Kishimoto handles Sasuke x Naruto. That needs to happen for me. Not because I am obsessed, but because I am seriously confused about how Kishimoto will handle that fight. Naruto has constantly been talked about as a great fighter but all he really does is Rasengan. Killer Bee managed to nearly kill Sasuke so it's not impossible. Somebody kill Sasuke!

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I'm hoping he has something much bigger in mind. I believe in kishi so im kinda betting that for that final battle all betsare off! and for some reason idk..i'm thinking the moons eye plan will succedd. i meandoes uchiha madara really seem like a guy who could lose so easily? maybe obito but not him. he still i s hands down more the most powerful character in naruto.

Plus im pretty sure sasuke is on his way to talk to madara so unless they have a talk during this battle i dont think madara will die at that battle ground. but you are right, most of narutos lose ends are neatly wrapped up in a little package except the sasuke thing..well and how the first hokage died..

and btw for bleach i actually enjoyed the fullbring arc, and this current arc. there were still questions about the aizen arc unaswered so i dont think it should have stopped after that in my opinion.

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Online Now

No, Tobi

You not like Naruto, if he was he would have turned to the dark side a long time ago

So, I guessing that sickVisionz isn't doing Bleach or Naruto anymore, cause of his new job?

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I'm not sure what Naruto vs Sasuke would even be at this point. Despite the war seeming like it's reaching it's conclusion, Naruto and Sasuke are both on their own shit at this point and it's either gonna take a lot of time or some mediocre writing to get them to really have a versus battle.

Meh chapters for me. Monster battles are lame. I'd like to think that some drama was added by potential death, but then I remember that how Kishi brought everyone back to life during the Pain arc and this all seems like whatever. $20 says Sasuke gets the rinnegan or Obito has a change of heart and uses his rinnegan to help bring everyone that died back to life.

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it's getting super epic, but Kishimoto did say that this is going to continue for another year, who knows Akira Amano just ended Reborn, and I think that book had some pretty long legs to stretch out. But a creator I suppose can only do the same thing for so long.

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Naruto VS Sasuke does not need to be as big as this, but must happen.

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Part of what I like about this arc is that is really doesn't have to do with Naruto's obsession with Sasuke. That's been his driving force since the time skip, and it's a downer. That's why I'm dreading what follows. How can you go bigger than all the nations uniting together? This just feels more like a finale with Naruto taking out the people who killed his parents, and he's now admired by most of the Shinobi World.

All that's really left is the Great Toad Sage's prophecy, but I bet it isn't what Naruto thinks. Back when Naruto met with the great sage, he cut the Toad Sage off before he could tell him the outcome of the prophecy.

I don't buy Sasuke reviving everyone. Not enough big named characters have really died yet. In Invasion of Pain, everyone was dying.


It just comes across as silly pacing. You have the protagonist defeat the biggest bad this world has ever seen, then he goes after Sasuke. The only rationalization is that Naruto doesn't do this alone, but he will face Sasuke alone, and Sasuke is now using Itachi's eyes. However, Naruto now has the Nine-Tails power under control.

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@FoxxFireArt: as much as this guys are a threat to Naruto, they are not his nemesis, his nemesis is Sasuke. It's not about the scale of the threat or the powerful the enemy is, it's about how important the enemy is. As important as Madara could be for the shinobi world, he is much less important to Naruto than Sasuke.

There's no way the series ended here.

(and btw, this is not the same as Bleach's fake karakura town arc because back in Bleach Aizen was the main bad guy, he really was Ichigo's archenemy, after his defeat there was really no point at all to continue Bleach because of that, not because of the scale of the fight)

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@tximinoman: I wouldnt even say aizen was ichigo's archenemy because they literally only met twice and had very little interaction. I would classify aizen as more of souls societys enemy ifyou look at it right. He was doing bad things way before ichigo got in the mix and the ones who had a score to settle the most was def the soul reapersof the 13 court squads. So using your own example of naruto dont you think ichigo deserves a more personal final enemy?/

and if kishi can pull one out of the hat after this arc i would love to see that happen he did set a pretty high standard to continue the story after.. but im guessing he will make it epic and weall will end up eating our words about this being the most epic fight ever.

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I just can't help but feel like the end is near for the Naruto series, I mean how can anything possible top this arc??  I personally wouldn't mind them continuing IF they did something different, maybe another timeskip to when Naruto's a Jonin? or heck, even Hokage, and continue the series from that point of view, introducing the next generation of Shinobi, that could keep the manga fresh without feeling like it's just dragging on.
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Man I'm loving this war arc, especially the most recent stuff. Can't want to see the review of the next chapter with a very major death....

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