Naruto's girl problems: Is Karin obsessed with Naruto now?

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Spoiler Warning!!! Do not read this if you have not read Naruto Manga chapter 488

If you have been keeping up with the manga you know she reccently gave him a look. Right after defending him from sakura's insult. She then noticed his chakra was warm and bright only to be scared momentarly (I know I selled that wrong) by the Nine-Tails' chakra.

What do you guys think? Is Naruto her new stalking victim? Or was she permently scared off by the Nine-Tails? 







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Doubtful. She was only commenting on the personality and chakra he emitted being different  from Sasuke's cold personality and dark chakra, before feeling the Kyubi's chakra.
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Probably won't.........I think...
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I don't think so.  Seconds after saying how nice his chakra was she got freaked out and disturbed by the Kyuubi in him.  Plus, Naruto's not as cool as Sasuke.  I think Sasuke's cold demeanor attracted her as much as his chakra did.
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