Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Review: Ep. 3

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Welcome to the 2nd weekly Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals report! It's another adventure for Rock Lee, and for this episode, we'll explore Rock Lee's rivalry with Neji and Tenten's notions of how a woman should be treated.


Episode 3: A Competition With The Genius Ninja, Tenten's Must-Win Battle

Rock Lee challenges Neji with Naruto's help, and in the second story, Tenten meets a female ninja whose underlings protect her due to her voluptuous body. The enemy kunoichi's act of being a helpless damsel is how women should be treated. This idea influences Tenten to make her teammates treat her like a woman, too.

Will Rock Lee defeat Neji and can Tenten find peace in being the only girl on her team?


Beware of spoilers!


Tenten's best moment
Tenten's best moment
  • Rock Lee never ceases to make random, hilarious acts. I enjoy Rock Lee imitating the Byakugan the most. The rock hard abs ending is also excellent as well as the girls' reactions.
  • Speaking of reactions, Tenten had an adorable, surprised look when Rock Lee throws undies on her head to complete her manhood. I was laughing hard with my little brother and sister.
  • Rock Lee and Neji had some great comedic scenes like where Tenten kicks two soccer balls at the poor guys' groin. It's better than hitting them with the same gag, paper fan.


Overused Paper Fan Gag
Overused Paper Fan Gag
  • Tenten's idea of making her teammates treat her like a woman is a bit of turnoff. A fitting episode would be Tenten demanding to be treated as an equal ninja regardless of gender.
  • Old Running Gag: It may be a parody on stereotypical anime cliches where the person hits some morons with a paper fan for being stupid. I just got bored at Tenten doing it.


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Thank you guys for reading the Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Review! Look forward to the Kakashi and Guy episode next week. If you loved an anime or manga, please feel free to drop a comment, do a blog, review, or do some wiki edits. The more the community gets involved, the better it gets.

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