Who Else Did Not Like This Series?

Topic started by Kou_Leifoh on Sept. 27, 2010. Last post by sickVisionz 3 years, 1 month ago.
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So SyFy finished its run of the show a couple of weeks ago. I was going to post a thread about this before, but I it kept slipping my mind. 
If you guessed it, yeah, I did not like this series. The problem with Monster was that the overall series was just plain boring. The story would drag on for far too long, and sometimes the story of take a detour from the main story-line to focus on character development on a supporting character, it does it often. There is some exciting moments, but not enough to prolong interest for the series. 
Then there are the characters. I did not get into any of the characters, most of them were just regular people that were thrown into a situation that they are unfit for. There wasn't much any likable quality to them.
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I like monster because it a good change of pace what I usually watch
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Sorry to say this, but I honestly enjoyed the series and actually admit that's it one of the best titles anime has to offer considering it's a mature and serious look into the limits of human morality considering Johan's quite the instigator of pushing people's moral boundaries. Monster's more than just Dr. Tenma learning more about Johan's origins and wanting to gun the guy down. There are multiple aspects to the story of Monster that are explored in delving into its theme of exploring the limits of human morality. The series looks into Tenma's interactions with people he assists with his humanitarian aid and kind personality which contradicts the act he desires to commit which would plunge him into the same pool of darkness Johan is in. It also looks into other people connected to Tenma, Johan or the Kinderheim 911 experiments coming to grips with their own humanity as they get manipulated by Johan to be pushed to their moral limits, wonder if they aren't considered a "normal" person because of being subjected/ involved with Kinderheim or are risking their lives to expose the realities of an inhuman experiment covered up by the former leaders of a militant government. Then there's the subject of Johan himself. As more is unveiled about his origins, the series leaves you wondering about whether Johan became what he was as a result of the Kinderheim experiments or if he truly was a pure evil monster. Having all the supporting characters in Monster were necessary to explore various aspects to the main theme it was delving into.
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Dude, Monster's among the best of the best. Fair enough, some people don't like the psychological stuff, but this was psychoawesome incarnate.
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@Kou_Leifoh said:
" most of them were just regular people that were thrown into a situation that they are unfit for. There wasn't much any likable quality to them. "
That is precisely why I love this show. Where's the tension if you know that the main character is a badass and will always win?
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I thought it was pretty good, but I totally agree with the OP that it lasts too long. It reminds me a lot of Galaxy Express 999, a 113 episode series. None of the episodes are bad but they could have drastically reduced the episode count down to 13-26 and the series probably would have been better for it. I can't see Monster being only 13 episodes, but it certainly didn't need to be 74.

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