Protip: Do Not Kill Yourself Over Gundam Models

Topic started by gia on Aug. 10, 2009. Last post by Niko 5 years, 7 months ago.
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ANN spotted a a news article about a guy in Japan who burned down his own home-- and reportedly attempted to burn himself as well, as he had doused himself with kerosene –because his mother had “gotten rid of his 'valuable' Gundam plastic models.”

These articles are always a bit tough to deal with because people think it makes otaku look more obsessive than they really are on average, or because people actually do come to think that otaku are that obsessive. It's pretty clear that this guy had issues well beyond mere otakudom (like, for example, why was this nearly-30-year-old man's mother getting rid of any of his stuff anyway?).

However, I can remember being very upset when my mother once got rid of a big stack of books (she felt they weren't up to my reading level). Fortunately, my mother is very understanding and she's loathe to get rid of even the smallest things without my giving the OK.

Have your parents ever gotten rid of something you didn't want them to?
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Yes I had a big box filled with Robots (Transformers, Zords, Voltron, ect) in my closet when i was young and my mom threw them all away when we moved. 
Kinda think of it i`m still pissed about it those things are expensive y`know and even worse my pokemon bagdes where in there too >.<
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I'm a little bit of a compulsive hoarder, so I get unusually attached to certain things. I'd be pretty devastated if my mom threw away some of them. My mom usually made threats about going in my room with a trash bag and throwing everything away unless I cleaned it. I don't think she ever really threw or gave anything away that was really important to me though.
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When I was away at college, I came home to discover that mom had given away my 10-speed bike. What upset me about that, is not that they had given it away to someone who wouldn't have had a Christmas otherwise, but rather had I been asked, I'd have warned them about the 15 year melted candy in the bottom of the basket, and have told them where they could find some other bike accessories (seat covers, touch-up paint, because it was a rare color, etc.) 
There were other times mom helped herself and got rid of things without asking that I was quite peeved about. I chewed her out big time for each of the offenses, and told her to ask before she touches my stuff again. Heck I went to a nearby college, so I generally went home at least one or two weekends a month.  It's not like I left boxes of stuff at my parents house and wasn't using it.
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I used to be an avid artist. My mother used to be an avid Christian. One day she decided my art was evil, so she pulled it all off of my walls and burned it. She is no longer an avid Christian, and thinks this event is funny in retrospect. I am no longer an avid artist, and I don't think anything is funny in retrospect.
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My Atari 2600.
And now I have given away my age.
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@Lan: I am that way "because" of my mother. Because she compulsively would go through and throw things away, I instinctively save everything... Kinda like hiding your diamonds in plain sight.
Of course I understand how this behavior feed her in return, never the less...
@ganchan: Mom and dad bought us the Nintendo, so they'd never throw that away, but they did throw away our Sega Master system. Always found that one odd.
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@John_Martone: My mom threw away our Nintendo some years back, but for a long time we still had a big stack of the games...also kind of odd.
The rest of our systems fell victim to the "someone took it away with them to college and eventualy got rid of it" setup. The Sega went that way, and by the time my brother took the Playstation 1, we already had the Playstation 2, so I had no interest. I took the PS2 (because by then we had a regular DVD player, which was part of the reason for buying the PS2, the Christmas it came out)...and that was the last console my brother and I had in our parents' home. My parents now have their own Wii and somehow I doubt that I can kidnap it.
...Though I may try. <3
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Well, he was obviously prertty passionate about his models. To be fair i'd be pretty upset too if i spent so much time building something only to have it all go down the drain. 
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@ganchan: Want mine? o wait i have a 5600 which didnt work right piece crap... sorry a no go.  I need to throw that thing out someday >>
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@Kelleth: no that's OK, MAME is my friend now.  But hey thanks for your concern :)
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@ganchan said:
" @Kelleth: no that's OK, MAME is my friend now.  But hey thanks for your concern :) "
Good to know :3 o wait did i type 5600? its a 5200 i need to sleep more lol
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Gunpla is serious business.
My Mom gave away my NES a decade ago. Hardly worked even then, but still...
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