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You might recall that we ran an article last week about the new Gundam Café, wherein I voiced my vexation over there being a fried entree on the menu that was shaped like the original Gundam kit. A fried Gundam. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water? Where before we didn’t have any ocular proof, we now have what I like to call photographic proof positive of the café’s existence in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood ( courtesy of Kotaku).

You’ll first notice, of course, that some faces have been pixilated to protect the innocent. I don’t see any fried Gundams in these pictures, here, but plenty of plastic Gundams on display in glass cases. There ARE Gundam-shaped pastries dispensed from a futuristic vending machine. Are these, in fact, the “Gun-Pla-yaki” I wrote about last time? I plead ignorance.

In addition to coffee brewed from the volatile Jaburo blend, this café also stocks on hell of a liquor shelf, presumably for any Japanese customers who want to Irish up their cup of joe with some Jack. I figure they’ll want to drown their sorrows after realizing this café is only a fleeting taste of the impossible dream of living in Gundam’s world.

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Now if only they had built it around that giant Gundam statue..
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One of the first place I would go if I were to go Japan
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I want a DragonBall café!!
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I would really like to try the Jaburo Blend Coffee tho.
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I want to go there.... now....
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I like how the Gundam decor extends even into the bathroom. No cutting corners there. I demand a cool anime themed cafe in U.S.!
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@Juuhachi said:
" I want a DragonBall café!! "
I would so go to one of those cafes if they ever came here to America....too bad they will never do so.....
I wish that I was really wealthy....then I could go out and open some manga cafes n_n
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Indeed it's a real shame we don't any good cafes. There might be a couple anime cafes in LA or New York. I agree with you about opening one though. About the most extreme cafe I know of here in the US is a topless cafe, which I would also like to visit. Alas, the US is only open to difference on certain topics.

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