Life-Sized Gundam in Motion

Topic started by GodLen on June 23, 2009. Last post by Daniel_Newton 5 years, 9 months ago.
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Well according to Danny Choo , a fence has been removed from around the life-sized Gundam , allowing for people to view it uninterrupted. Here is a wonderful video that shows those who can not take a trip to Japan the awesomeness of this wonder of the modern day world. As you can see, it can move his head, both left, right, and up. Also smoke bellows from its vents like a real robot. 

This is one of the best things Japan has ever done. Actually, what would be better than this is if they built more and placed them all around Japan. Seriously, people had no problem with the Colossus of Rhodes, why can’t Japan get its own Wonder? Don’t take it down Japan, I’m begging you! 

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So Is that a Perfect Master grade kit and how much for one to put by my mailbox?

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The mist jet is actually... the gundam being ignited by the burning fire in our souls!!!
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Actually a real Mobile Suit probably wouldn't have any steam or exhaust if it were to use any sort of "nuclear-like" reactor (I'm not sure if a Minovsky particle reactor is technically nuclear or not), since it'd have to have water constantly resupplied. Chances are it would be entirely self contained. Otherwise, if it were fuel-cell powered, it would probably just have the typical style exhaust that something like a helicopter or a 707 may give off.
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Good. After we get through legs and arms we'll only have "attach lasers" and it'll be complete.
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one step closer to the Japanese's global domination with Gundams lol
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Darn I wish I was there, really epic!!
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This is easily one of the most amazing things ever. EVER!
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