Gundam + Girls = Super Adorable

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Ever heard of Mika Akitaka before? If the answer was yes, then I'm probably talking to a gundam hardliner. With credits on old school gundams like 0080, 0083, ZZ Gunam, and V Gundam, he's been working on these lovelies since before many of us were born. Though, I'm not one for a history lesson, the reason we are here is a subset of his designs we call Gundam Girls. Taking adorable girls, and placing them in Gundam inspired armor, this art is a recipie for warm and fuzzy feelings.
Well, if I had to wager, what gets me is the impasse between soft, curved women, and the incredibly detailed machinery they wear. While no means conclusive, there is a massive gallery of Akitaka's work over at and I encourage everyone to check it out.
Bonus Trivia: If his art looks familiar, Mika also put in some work on Martian Successor Nadesicos  and Silent Mobius.
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Really cool, very oldschool style.
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i now know who i'm going to marry
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The girls stylistically look alot like the original Ghost in the Shell or Appleseed manga style...
I can't honestly say I care for any of this, though it did spur a thought of "what about having a Gundam exoskeleton instead of a full sized suit?".
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