Give Your Blood to Miku Hatsune

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 Shit guys, I think she wants more. (Artist:  EU03)
 Shit guys, I think she wants more. (Artist: EU03)
Is Miku Hatsune Japan's newest Hello Kitty? It certainly seems like it, what with all the merch with her likeness slapped onto it. The latest are a second Project DIVA game (the original was a PSP game by Sega that came out in July), and...a blood donation center?!

Danny Choo talks about the new Akiba:F blood donation facility, and notes that it's going to be "themed with Hatsune Miku" until January 8th 2010. Absolutely wacky, but kind of a cool idea when you think about it: get the otaku to give blood by entertaining them.  According to Choo, the space will display figures and 3D movies and things to entice the locals. Hell, if they could get some kind of exclusive movie that wasn't out elsewhere yet, they could really get the otaku lined up! And as long as they're captive, it might not hurt to push the idea of being health-conscious...sure, plenty of otaku are healthy, but others live on little more than Cup Noodles (which I adore, but let's face it, nutrition they ain't).

I'm sure plenty of you guys give blood out of the goodness of your hearts (I have as well), but would you be inclined to give blood if you got to sit through an anime movie or a couple eps of a TV series?
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YES ! MY LORD (code geass refrence)
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I might be more inclined to give blood then though I don't know how giving it would effect me...
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slight temproray dizziness, that's all
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I am extremely trypanophobic , so if they can do it without stabbing needles in me, then that's cool, but something tells me that's not the case.
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Oh man, that photo is terrifying. I dunno, I had to have so much blood work done as a kid needles don't really bother me, but i think as a result I probably avoid the process.
I did a case study my freshmen year where I had to wake up at 6am, go work out (with the doctors) and then get my blood drawn... man, i was totally not worth the money. You had to do it for 3 days each week, they took out several vials, and it went on for 5 weeks.
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Oh, and since the facility was a learning environment, the nurses and aids were all "students," and thus blew at what they did. Ouch.
Make sure your facility has experienced needle users.
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That would require some sort of action wouldn't it? so no.
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