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I’ve noticed that recap episodes have fallen out of vogue over the years. Actually, maybe it’s more accurate to say that shows have just found more covert ways to keep doing them.

Take this episode, wherein the G-men trailing Michiko pay a visit to every one-off episode’s antagonist. No clips are played and no footage has been re-used, so perhaps it doesn’t technically qualify as a recap. It does, however, serve the purpose of reminding us of the steps that’ve been taken to bring us here - - steps that get alarmingly easy to forget.

I’m really hoping we didn’t have to jot notes during that previous episode where Michiko clumsily tries to intervene in some gangs’ turf war. It was a little tougher keeping tracking of this business with a fake “Satoshi” and the real Satoshi’s consigliore, and I suspect that might’ve been due to it making plenty of callbacks to that earlier installment.

I still think it’s pretty amusing how Michiko’s precise role in this underworld has been left rather vague. It’s almost like she’s a Jack Reacher-type (to make a topical comparison) who’s only a few shades more unlawful - - a sort-of general-purpose fixer, without any formal titles, who just happens to be in the right place when a predicament needs fixin’. The scene where she throws a duffle bag out to demonstrate the amount of fire-power trained on the airport was pretty kick ass, of course; but it did also beg the question of where she learned the kind of stuff if she wasn’t muscle for some mob at one point.

Such details aren’t important, of course. It’s the titular duo’s relationship which is the focus of the show… and I’ve got to say, I’m actually in some suspense about how it’s going to work out. Hatchin doesn’t have too many reasons to hop off that trolley at this point, does she?

Watch this episode, "Black Noise and a Dope Game" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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They still haven't had some sort of "training montage" yet, and I don't know if they would. It could just be growing up in the streets that made her so tough, or maybe her involvement in her boyfriend's gang is what did it. They do show what Michiko and her friend-turned-adversary were up to before they were at opposite sides of the law.

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